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    NuCanoe Accessories For Sale..

    Selling some accessories from my F-12 that I don't use. #7110 Motor U-Joint Tiller Extension, 32" to 54" to control motor from rear or middle seat. Push Button Telescoping,$50. Stand Up Casting Bar, slides in track channel, $150. Two Wheel Cart Fits into Scupper Holes, $100. Rod Holder on...
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    NuCanoe, Found One Thank You...

    Looking to buy a NuCanoe if anyone has one, before ordering new. Call or Txt 419 689 6978.
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    New Range Finder Info.

    Being a Trad Shooter I have never owned or tried a range finder but would like to try one. Does anyone use one for a monocular and not carry binos? I use mine a lot but would like to get away from them if I could buy a 6 - 8 power RF. Hunting eastern wood lots. No need for heavy duty binos.
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    WTB 125 Gr. Snuffer Broadheads.

    Looking for 125,s but may buy heavier if anyone wants to get rid of some.
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    WTB 300 spine carbon shafts.

    Need 300s. Bought 400s and too lite. Maybe someone wants to trade the other way.
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    House Cleaning Project...// Sold Please Close// Thanks.

    WTS Treehopper Recon, Almost New, W/ 8mm Girth Hitched to L.S. for L.B. and Beaner for R.S. or can be used for tether. W/ Treehopper Dump Pouch and Ropeman II. All Like New. $190 TYD. Also have a fleece saddle w/girth hitched 550 cord, Black and Hunter Green Plaid, for use w/ RCH. $20...
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    New Summit Tree Stand Seat.. SOLD PLease Close..

    Selling a new summit tree stand seat w/four adj. rubber buckles, backrest pad and tree bungee to keep it all out of the way. $40 TYD Can txt pics 419 689 6978 .Will fit most Summits and many other climbers if anyone here still uses a climber.
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    Sit Drag and RCH Directions.

    Looking to DIY a sitdrag to use w/my RCH. Need to find videos of others who did the same. Do you use a separate tether for RCH and sit drag to be able to adjust them independently ?
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    WTB a light weight tree stand harness. Please Close..

    Looking for a tree stand safety harness if anyone has one before I order new.
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    Tree Stand Safety Harness Wanted...Please Close..

    Anyone have a harness they want to get rid of?
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    Black Eagle 350 Traditional Shafts./ SOLD PLEASE CLOSE..

    Just Bought a Doz Black Eagle 350 Wood Grain Shafts W/Orange Nocks and Inserts and Collars. Ordered them Too Heavy. Need 400s. $90 TYD or trade. 419 689 6978
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    WTB Tree hopper Step.

    Looking to buy (1) more strap on step if anyone has one.
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    Non Recall Ameristeps/ Sold Please Close/

    I Have For Sale {5} Ameristeps That I've Used For My R.O.S. All Camo Vet Wrapped And In Good Condition. Nothing Wrong W/Them . $60 TYD. 419 689 6978
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    Kwikee Quiver.. WTB

    Looking for the old rubber quiver that snaps over a bow limb . Need one for my carp bow. I think they were called a quikee quiver.
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    ISO.Rated Caribiners

    Looking for used caribiners before I order new.
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    Selling my Anderson. Its the most comfortable of all the saddles I've tried. Removed the stock tree strap and added a water knotted tubular webbing bridge with Dano's adjustable buckle on right side. Also added a bungee belt. Installed camo taped open Petzel rings on each side. $135 TYD...
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    Tree Hopper Recon Sling..

    Anyone have one they dont like before I order a new one??
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    Fly Reel For Pull Up Rope.

    I ordered an auto wind fly reel for my pull up rope. I know someone said they used one here. Problem is it wont feed out 20' w/o the spring getting too tight. I put it on my fly rod and put a hand crank reel on my bag for my bow rope. I like the fly line as it is stiff enough so it doesn't blow...
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    Four Uncut Hawk Helliums, SOLD, SHIPPED

    Four Hawk Helliums Uncut, Vet Wrapped, W/8mm. Rope Mod .Carrying Bag W/Shoulder Strap . No Need to Wrap Ropes, Just Drop Back Into Bag, Quiet. Can Text Pics if Needed. Nothing Wrong W/Them, Like New But Trying Steps. 419 689 6978. 175 + Ship.
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    In Search Of Ameristeps

    Looking to buy about (10) Ameristeps.