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  1. Deltahuntr

    Grivel Plume carabiners

    2 Grivel Plume twin gate carabiners $18 each shipping included Facebook F/F
  2. Deltahuntr

    Spypoint Junk

    I purchased 5 Spypoint Link Micro LTE cameras Friday at lunch. They were all slow to work Friday night, so I left them turned on to link/download or whatever they needed. The cameras were barely working Saturday so I called Spypoint and found out none of the cameras had the correct operating...
  3. Deltahuntr

    Mystery Ranch Backpack

    If anyone is interested Sierra has Mystery Ranch on clearance. The links are below. https://www.sierra.com/mystery-ranch-hover-pack-40l-backpack-external-frame~p~897ya/ https://www.sierra.com/mystery-ranch-hover-50l-backpack-internal-frame~p~897xy/
  4. Deltahuntr

    Great memory

    Just came up in Facebook memories and completely not saddle hunting related. Bare with me but that little 70lbs girl waking me up on a warm foggy morning. She said I wanna hunt and use your big gun (338-06 Ackley). I tried to change her mind but muggy December hunting was going to happen. The...
  5. Deltahuntr

    Humble pie

    It’s been so long I forgot how bad it tastes! It’s karma I guess. Skill, good fortune, the best hunting grounds or whatever else has caused to be arrogant. I will admit I have on occasion looked down my nose at people thinking, how? or just idiot! Now to the dish where my pie got served. I was...
  6. Deltahuntr

    Scorpio tree steps

    Check out these steps on EBay. They are identical to the Wild Edge steps but are $129 for 10 steps vs $180 for 10 WE steps. The listed weight is 2lbs less on the Scorpio than the WE. Bags and ropes are included in both prices above...
  7. Deltahuntr

    One last pic!

    This is a pic of the “Endangered “ Louisiana Swamp Bear. I’ve personally lost a pair of Moultrie M888 cameras to these destructive creatures this year. This camera belonged to another hunter at the lease but was able to take this last pic before the carnage. The date/time is incorrect.
  8. Deltahuntr

    Millennium Safety Link Ropes

    Does anyone know the details/specs of this rope? I have about 175’ between the 5 Safety Link Ropes that came with Millennium stands. Can this be rope spliced?
  9. Deltahuntr

    Platform Post Sold please close thread

    I have 1 aluminum platform post from Huntingbob. Decided to go a different route on my platform so this post is for sale. $75 plus shipping TYD. PayPal F/F is preferable.
  10. Deltahuntr

    Ropeman 1

    TreeStuff.com has Wild Country Ropeman 1 back in stock.