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Search results

  1. phatkaw

    Older class bucks getting ready for archery season!

    See, they really are smart... lol
  2. phatkaw

    Observation stand...

  3. phatkaw

    WTT 16" Shikar for a 20"

    Anyone have a full length Shikar that wants a shorty? (just the stick, not the pieces) It's drilled for a cam cleat up front and a TopHat in the back.
  4. phatkaw

    Upgrading standoffs

    Hey if any of yins guys are debating on getting DanOs’ standoffs. Go for it. They’re legit! Further from the tree and they BITE...
  5. phatkaw

    EWO ???

    Wonder what happened? I was just finishing my weekend cart and the site froze on me... This IS a pandemic!
  6. phatkaw

    Need a longer rappel rope...

    lol 40' ain't enough...
  7. phatkaw

    Need a hand...

    This is gonna be tricky... LOL
  8. phatkaw

    Really good price on Ultra-Tech

    https://www.knotandrope.com/products/ultra-tech-w-green-tracer I just got mine today..
  9. phatkaw

    Self filming hunts

    You guys have any pictures or tips? I’ve been wanting to film hunts forever and finally have a little bit of equipment to do it...
  10. phatkaw

    Figure of 8 progress capture???

    Any of yins guys heard of doing this? I never have. I’ve been doing it for over a month. I think I invented it? It’s legit. It works great! I saw Nice Guy Dave from Wesspur do sumthin’ like this but my way is waayyy easier... Just rig yourself up to descend, then take your tag end and wrap...
  11. phatkaw

    Cherry trees, one-sticking and shorts...

    I don't recommend this combination! :anguished:
  12. phatkaw

    Plumbers Butt

    Ok, so what are some of the ways yins guys are dealing with your saddle falling down while walking in? I'm 5'7" and 160lbs with a 31" waist. (no junk in my trunk) I run two pouches - 40' of rappel rope and a Delta link in the right pouch. Pull up/down rope, tether & Kong Duck & carabiner, and...
  13. phatkaw

    Lookin' for a flat Monarch

    Hi guys Been wanting to try out the flat Monarch. Mostly just looking for the platform but I might buy a stick already set up depending on... PM me for cell number if you got any pictures. Thanks
  14. phatkaw

    Minimalist platform

    Any of you guys ever just hang out on your spikes?
  15. phatkaw

    Live from a tree...

    Ridge Runner owners, a little trick I did was tie a loop through the platform leveling knob so I don’t drop it AND I can get a little more of a downward angle with this too. Once you thread the knob the whole way off you can see in the ‘pinch point area’ where you can take a few swipes with a...
  16. phatkaw

    Timber hitch...

    Ok, I'm new to a lot of these knots and Daisy chains and OCBs and cam-cleats and.......... How 'bout the timber hitch ? It's REALLY SIMPLE !!! I'm sure a bunch of yins already know about it but if you aren't familiar with it, check it out on YouTube from our own Boyne Bowhunter Thanks Joe!
  17. phatkaw

    Too big of a saddle?

    Any of you guys have a saddle or sat in one that is a size too big? Is it really a big deal or just maybe a little annoying because of extra fabric flopping around you??? The reason I ask is that I have a line on buying one a size bigger than my scrawny butt but it's not local and I don't really...
  18. phatkaw

    2 in 1 linesman???

    I was watching Buckin' Billy Ray limbing a tree on YouTube and he was running a 2 in 1 linesman rope... I came here to see if any of you guys had talked about this method. I did a search but nuthin' came up. It looks like a great idea for certain situations. Maybe not so much for saddle...