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  1. WHW

    Fun day shooting traditional gear

    One of the many good times, at my home, with like minded traditional bowhunters.
  2. WHW

    Re-drilling existing holes

    I felt the need to share this with others that use the drill & bolt system and drill the same tree more than once; My first season with the drill & bolt system was 1983. But, it was only several years ago that I started using a cordless drill motor to pre-drill trees. I never considered using...
  3. WHW


    For anyone interested. I had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Parker McDonald of Southern Ground. It's the first of a new series. Had the opportunity to talk a little bit about my saddle journey...
  4. WHW

    Woodpecker, EZ-Kut and Treehopper comparison.

    When Jerry Simmons sold his broadhead company, a decade or so ago, the new owner didn't continue the Woodpecker hand drill. By this time I had pretty much replaced my spurs with the drill & bolt system as my primary climbing method. Knowing that I had already went through a couple of Woodpecker...
  5. WHW

    Handclimber to Backpack

    I'm posting this video for my hunting partner, Lloyd Forman. Lloyd has a saddle on order, and made this video to share how he going to transport his hand climber that going to be his climbing method/platform.
  6. WHW

    How can people be so stupid?

  7. WHW

    I had a problem....

    with my knee pads and small diameter trees when using a platform. There would only be room for one knee, and I had to keep switching knees or when I tried to use both they would separate. I used a piece of cord to tie around my legs just above my knees and it worked. In fact, so good that I used...
  8. WHW

    Problem solved!

    This past season was my first using a saddle. Having pre-ordered a Kestrel it was mid season before it arrived. Didn't take long for me to get it adjusted and become comfortable using it. The only problem I had was when I accidently bumped my hanging bow and the arrow fell to the ground. This...
  9. WHW

    Louisiana Bowhunter Podcast

    A recent podcast that I was invited to be on. During the conversation, I had the opportunity to talk about my transition from a lock-on stand to a saddle. Also, I talked about the Tethrd Nation brand and what they have to offer saddlehunters. Episode 3 @ https://louisianabowhunter.com/podcast/...
  10. WHW

    My new Acadian Woods Recurve Bow

    Having shot an unbelievable number of arrows from my Acadian Woods recurve for over 24 years, Tim Mullins must have thought it was time for me to replace it with another updated model. It's basically the same bow as my other one, except 2" longer and 10 pounds lighter, with all the bells and...
  11. WHW

    Wild Edge steppladder system ???

    Lately I've become interested in adding the Wild Edge steppladder system to my climbing methods. Of course I would want to keep the system as light and minimum as possible. My question is, using the "Build Your own Steppladder" option and using the Steppladder Aider.... what would be the least...
  12. WHW

    Down South Hunting Podcast

    Was offered the opportunity to be a guest with Mike Higman & Adam Crews of the Down South Hunting Podcast. Enjoyed our conversation and answering their questions. Especially, when they asked about my recent transition from using a hang-on stand since 1973 to a saddle stand mid way of this past...
  13. WHW

    Tethrd Nation Podcast with Down South Hunting

    My apology if this has already been posted. This morning I was pleased to see the new podcast with Down South Hunting was with G2 and Ernie. They did a great job representing their new company and saddle hunting. http://www.downsouthhunting.com/tethrd/
  14. WHW

    A thread named "Pictures".

    May 11, 2007 I started a thread, on another site, sharing some of my pictures through third party Photobucket, with narration. I never dreamed that it would grow to 74 pages (1500 pictures) before I lost the interest to continue. Sometime last year Photobucket made it impossible to see them and...
  15. WHW

    Primitive Pursuit Podcast

    In case anyone is interested, I accepted an invitation to do a podcast with Primitive Pursuit Podcast. Episode #6: https://primitivepursuit.com/podcasts/
  16. WHW

    Replacing the bridge carabiner??

    Spent some time with my Kestrel today. Decided to see how using a bowline knot to replace the carabiner on my bridge would work. I've had a lot of experience using the bowline and find it simple, quick and easy to tie and untie, even after it's been under a load. I've never experienced any...
  17. WHW

    Wired To Hunt Deer Hunter Profile:

    I was asked to answer some questions with www.wiredtohunt.com. In case anyone is interested this is the results. http://wiredtohunt.com/2018/01/10/diy-deer-hunter-profile-warren-womack/
  18. WHW

    Lock-On Limit stand for a platform

    I'm really enjoying the Kestrel, but not so much the ameristeps platform. Today on a whim, I tried using my lock-on Limit stand for a platform. It worked so good that I took the seat off of a spare Limit stand that I have and tried it. Worked even better. One of my main reasons for going to the...
  19. WHW

    My Kestrel saddle came in Friday......

    Since then I've logged in a couple of hours in the yard getting use to it. And, have made two hunts with it for another three hours. First hunt without the back strap and the second with it. The back strap really made a lot of comfort difference. Felt like I was in a recliner. I'm getting more...
  20. WHW

    TradQuest Podcast

    In case anyone likes to listen to hunting podcast and is interested; It was my pleasure to have been a guest on the latest Episode 20 of the TradQuest podcast, hosted by James Orr and Robert Bourland. http://tradquest.blubrry.com/