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  1. Loopwing

    SOLD...... OOAL Solo Scout $65 TYD or trade

    Catch and release for me. I received this Thursday from another member, hunted on it this morning. My feet are way to big for it. I am open to trades with extra cash on my end if need be. I am unsure what I really need, the worse I can say in no.
  2. Loopwing

    Tactacam mounted on a Hickory Creek

    Has anyone done this yet? I am trying to figure out a way. I have tried the scope mount that attached to the scope, not enough room on the scope. Bow stabilizer attachment, no drilled and tapped holes coming out of the front of the bow. Picatinny rail attachment, too many things on the bow in...
  3. Loopwing


    EWO HAS THEM BACK IN STOCK. Title says it. I am looking for 2 ultralight tree brackets for hawk heliums. Making a helium 1 stick and Dano doesn't have them in stock, so I thought I would check here. Thanks for looking.
  4. Loopwing

    Permethin dilution

    So this year instead of buying Sawyer's, I bought some concentrate from Tractor supply. I have a gallon pump sprayer. What are you guys using for a ratio for a gallon of water for your gear? I saw Sawyer's was . 05% but I think that works out to 6.4oz. that seems like a lot, but I could wrong...
  5. Loopwing

    Hickory Creek Mini Arrows

    Well I did it, I pulled the trigger. I have a mini on the way. To save a little time and not wanting to stick with the arrows that come with it, what research have ya'll done on arrows? Length, weights, fletching orientation, should I look into ethics inserts, should I look into a higher FOC? I...
  6. Loopwing

    WTB a hickory creek mini

    Title pretty much says it. Looking to see what is out there. PM if you have one, what have you done to it, and how much you want for it. I am going to automatically change the scope unless you have upgraded already.
  7. Loopwing

    Barnett Hyper tac 420

    Has anyone tried this crossbow out yet?
  8. Loopwing

    What have you left in trees by accident.

    So I was getting ready last night to do a ground hunt on Saturday morning and changing up my set. That is when I realized I left a hero clip and a screw in crossbow holder in the tree 2 weeks ago. I had used the hero clip to hold a branch out of my shooting lane and the holder was on another...
  9. Loopwing


    Little back story. I do a lot of fly fishing and off shore fishing a good polarized sunglasses are just as important as the water is to catching fish. Off of that I wear my Costas everytime I walk outside because they make everything "pop", except when I go deer hunting. I don't wear them...
  10. Loopwing

    Heavy arrows

    Is anyone shooting a heavy arrow single bevel set up with their crossbow? Always looking for that extra edge for killing things.
  11. Loopwing

    Predator XL SPF

    Now it is up for sale. $200 OBO tyd. The thing I want now is $200, so that is why that is the asking price. I appreciate all the trade offers, but I really didn't need anything that was presented.
  12. Loopwing

    Whisker biscuit on a crossbow???

    I have been messing around in my head about being able to turn my crossbow vertical and take a shot around a tree. When I have done it the broadhead seems to drop, soni have never pulled the trigger. For you DIY's what about mounting a whisker biscuit. I might be completely out of left field...
  13. Loopwing


    I have for sale a Zero Trace unit, 2 batteries, and the charger. I will post a pic later. It has been in the woods maybe 5 times last spring archery season. I am open to all kinds of trades, I just don't know what all I need. Saddle gear, knives.... The unit is in New condition.
  14. Loopwing

    Another freaking pack question.

    I have done a lot of searches and can't find exactly what I think will work. I run a horn hunter G3 most times, but I did a short hunt the other morning and was overkilled. I am looking for a specific pack. Something a hydration pack size, but strong enough with either molle or D rings can to...
  15. Loopwing

    Not in a saddle.

    I was hunting the fields again today and this 6.5 (he broke off #7) came in hard to the grunts looking for a fight
  16. Loopwing

    Tether length

    I discovered something yesterday. This is my first season in a saddle. For some reason I took to it pretty quickly. I have been reading about tether and bridge adjustments making all the difference and have done it and it made a small difference. Well yesterday I discovered that an inch makes a...
  17. Loopwing

    Observations from the weekend.

    I was able to double up last Saturday on a couple doe. One at sunrise and one about 1740. You have to love those cold fronts and oak trees. The first doe came to 25 yards walking broad side the whole time. Heard her crash. NOW FOR THE OBSERVATION. At about 4:40 a big spike and doe came walking...
  18. Loopwing

    Black Diamond RCH $35 tyd

    Up for sale is a Black Diamond Alpine Bod size XL. I bought it when I was going to do the sit drag/RCH set up. I turned the sit drag into a back band and don't have a need for this. I literally have worn it twice for a combined 30 minutes. $35 tyd/ open to trades.
  19. Loopwing

    Binocular chest pack

    I did a quick search and didn't come up with anything. I need to get a binocular chest pack. I have a harness and after walking through tall grass it breaks and falls into the eye pieces. Almost stabbed myself in the eye. SO....which binocular bchest rigs are ya'll using and what do you like...
  20. Loopwing

    Hungry fat kid problems

    So my primary hunting land is 4 hours from the house, so once I get in the stand I don't like moving and try to make the most of every minute. My problem is I get hungry. What do you guys take in the stand? I have tried kind bars, cliff bars, granola bars, sandwiches, home made protein bars...