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  1. Ckwilli

    Zombie deer

    I got this guy on trail camera two seasons ago. I sent a copy of the pic to the MDC and one of the biologists said he thought it was caused from an injury. My kids and I called him the zombie deer. I saw him after the season but not since. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ckwilli

    Bolt issues

    So my father in law purchased a bear fortus x bow a few years ago and it’s time for new bolts. The current trophy ridge x ray bolts are 20” and 10.7 gpi with a 125gr field point. The issue is I can’t find anything similar in weight and I can’t find any information on spine. Bear says 370gr...
  3. Ckwilli

    Turkey with a 10 gauge

    Anyone turkey hunt with a 10 gauge? Have you had any trouble finding ammo? A 10 seems unnecessary since there are so many good 12ga loads now but was curious if anyone still uses a 10.
  4. Ckwilli

    Falls creek falls help

    OK Tennessee folks, I’m heading to falls creek falls in a few weeks. Any other places I need to check out in the area? Any suggestions on places to stay? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ckwilli


    Has anyone ever used a bullpac pack frame for carrying saddle gear? If so, how did you attach sticks etc? I’ve got one from when I used to elk hunt and I’m thinking about adapting it for saddle hunting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ckwilli

    Video problems *help*

    My JVC video camera uses a .mod file format that is giving me problems. Since switching over to a chromebook I don’t have the ability to open any of the .mod files. I can still video with my Nikon dslr, and use it on my chrome book, but I like the JVC as well. Has anyone had any experience with...
  7. Ckwilli

    Camera Arm please close

    I have a lone wolf camera arm that I’d like to trade for some wild edge steps. I thought I would like filming but it’s not for me. Arm is in great shape. I’ve been using muddy stagger steps and they are too heavy. Let me know what you’ve got. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Ckwilli

    Hunting Canoe

    I’m looking at picking up a canoe for next season. I had an aluminum 17ft osagian that was nice but way heavy. I’d prefer a poly or fiberglass canoe but don’t know much about them. I see a lot of old town discovery and rogue river canoes for sale but I’m unfamiliar with them. I’ll mainly be...
  9. Ckwilli

    Winchester shells

    I purchased a case of Winchester super x shells from Rogers. About four shells in every box has a hole all the way to the shot cup. I can see the steel shot so any moisture is going to rust it. I spoke with a guy from Winchester who said it was certainly a defect. I’m waiting to hear back from...
  10. Ckwilli

    Tennessee license help needed.

    The group I volunteer with is taking a group of veterans on a private land duck hunt in Tennessee this week. My question is, for those of us that need license, do we print a copy or does the TN app have your license on it? Last time we printed everything but they got wet and messy. Here in MO we...
  11. Ckwilli

    I lost my best hunting buddy.

    My best hunting buddy for the last 11 years died this morning. She was an awesome girl and never once gave up on a bird. She would rather retrieve ducks than anything else in life. She and I volunteered together and took many veterans on their first duck hunts. She always made a point to pay...
  12. Ckwilli


    Well after all of the dog and ATV drama I've had this season I didn't think I was ever going to see a deer. I had a permission available but hadn't seen a lot of deer signs. The owner told me today "I saw a good buck in my wheat field." What? You have a wheat field? So about 2:30 this afternoon...
  13. Ckwilli


    I tried using the promo code on catman's and THP's YouTube channels but they take me to a page that won't load. Any suggestions on how to get the code to work? Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  14. Ckwilli

    Rogers sporting

    Not sure where to post this but I just got an email from Rogers Sporting. They have Hawk Helium saddle kits on clearance.
  15. Ckwilli

    Backpack organization

    So my biggest frustration, apart from dogs running deer, is not being able to find things in my pack before daylight. So I decided to do something to avoid the desire to throw my gear out of my stand, I mean saddle. I cut up an old milk crate to the shape of the inside of my pack. It has a shelf...
  16. Ckwilli

    Moving on. Update on my kids ruined hunt.

    So after a long discussion with my wife, and another messed up bow hunt I've decided to not bowhunt my property any longer. I'm not selling it since its paid for, I'm just not going to hunt it. The neighbors can run amuck all they want. I've talked with every local government agency I can and...
  17. Ckwilli

    Bad neighbors and my kids hunt ruined. *LONG POST*

    So back on Oct 16 I posted that I had a hunt ruined by my neighbors dogs chasing deer. It had happened last season also. So, my neighbor and I had a talk and he suggested that whenever I want to use my property let him know and he'd put his dogs up. I don't like it but I played along. Saturday...
  18. Ckwilli


    My phone updated software and my tapatalk app disappeared. Now I search the app store and I can't find tapatalk anymore. I'm using android and it keeps telling me the tapatalk pathway is unavailable. Anyone else having issues?
  19. Ckwilli


    We had a 30 degree drop in temps last night so I figured this AM would be a good morning to put some meat in my empty freezer. However, for the second time I've had a hunt ruined by my neighbors dogs. We went through this last season when his dogs busted a descent buck that I was about to draw...
  20. Ckwilli

    Camera arms

    I apologize if it's been covered before but are there any suggestions for an entry level camera arm? I just started filming my kids and I this season. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk