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  1. thedutchtouch

    How To Smooth Edge Of Platform On Stick

    If you don't have a Dremel you can also use a mill bastard file. It's just a slower process but they are like 6 bucks, dremels are... Much more. Great excuse to buy a new tool though!
  2. thedutchtouch

    Beast Stick Questions

    i think cable aiders only come in one step versions (that's what i have/ only used). i experimented with some DIY double step amsteel aiders on hawk sticks previously, didn't like them all that much
  3. thedutchtouch

    Beast Stick Questions

    i have cable aiders on all 4 of my beast sticks (got them used on here like that). they work well and i don't notice any foot pain. realistically the time you spend with your foot in an aider/bearing weight is relatively minimal.
  4. thedutchtouch

    What did you do today?

    Concrete board underlayment. One step closer to the bathroom remodel being done. Why did I start this during season again? At least I think I'll finish before rut sets in... Hopefully?
  5. thedutchtouch

    Team 2 Thread

    My last hunt (last Saturday) was strange as well, same area 2 weeks prior I saw a dozen, that day zero. I suppose they moved to "better acorns" even though they were still dropping somewhat where I was. That or whatever this October lull thing is. My plan is to walk around midday next hunt...
  6. thedutchtouch

    Bow or gun???

    I only own a bow at the moment, so easy answer for me... Dumb question-is it illegal to carry both during gun season? You could always keep the bow as your primary and have the rifle hanging should you need it for a longer shot? (Particularly on your own farm...)
  7. thedutchtouch

    External battery suggestions?

    i've only had this in the woods once and havent dropped it or anything so can't really attest to it's ruggedness yet, but i recently bought this because it has a wireless charging and so far so good. (my phone's USB port is broken and battery is failing so wireless charging was a must). have...
  8. thedutchtouch

    The Hunting Public Deer School?

    truck? what is this thing you speak of? thats like 3 tanks in the civic! lol
  9. thedutchtouch

    The Hunting Public Deer School?

    i went ahead and registered (i've watched most of their content already). they don't have anything Maryland specific (i wasn't expecting them to) but i think it'll be worth it still having spent only about 20 min poking around thus far.
  10. thedutchtouch

    The Hunting Public Deer School?

    I've wasted 80 dollars on worse before, I think I'm going to go ahead and register tonight.
  11. thedutchtouch

    The Hunting Public Deer School?

    i'm in Maryland, so a bit wary of the "tactics" being more towards western states, but i'll likely spring for it. agreed that there's no replacement for boots on the ground time, but i can do this while at work on breaks and such... also i'm in a similar spot where i have some areas where i've...
  12. thedutchtouch

    The Hunting Public Deer School?

    The Hunting Public guys recently published a new thing on their website - Deer School. as a newbie, any additional resources appeal to me, but wondering if anyone's checked it out yet? 80 dollars to access, not sure if it's a good resource, or just another way to separate people from their...
  13. thedutchtouch

    Team 2 Thread

    wow thats crazy. hope it gets resolved to your liking, quickly. do you have a backup to take that boy out with, or waiting on the replacement limbs?
  14. thedutchtouch

    AITA/negative encounter.

    if i were you i'd go have a chat with neighbor B (landowner), just out of courtesy, from the angle of "hey i ran into neighbor A on your property, he was pretty annoyed that i was hunting close to where he hunts. i don't have a problem with him other than that he mesed up my hunt on purpose the...
  15. thedutchtouch

    Team 2 Thread

    ouch! how did that happen to the xbow?
  16. thedutchtouch

    Hawk Helium Changes

    i switched to using beast sticks! (well i did, but i'm kidding... here's the real answer: amsteel daisy chains and stealth strips. daisys are my favorite attachment method, with the truckers hitch attachment method. quick, easy, quiet. stealth strips are also great IMHO more so because...
  17. thedutchtouch

    Is the High FOC IDEA good or bad for the hunting community?

    One other thought from this newbie- I think that too often the cut on contact fixed blade broadhead idea gets lumped in with the high FOC idea. Mechanical vs fixed blade is another healthy debate that can sometimes go haywire.
  18. thedutchtouch

    Hand held GPS users out there

    I like the Suunto brand, I think the A-30 is my one I pack out a lot, around 20 dollars.
  19. thedutchtouch

    Is the High FOC IDEA good or bad for the hunting community?

    Yes and no, debate drives innovation, but debate+ emotion causes division. I'm all for a healthy debate, so I guess I think it's more yes than no.
  20. thedutchtouch

    Reminder to be careful climbing in the dark

    Dang! Thanks for sharing, now let's put that head to better use the rest of the season, eh?