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  1. Nutterbuster

    Coyote Stalk

    I preface this by saying I wouldn't believe my story here if somebody else told it to me. I'd accuse them of lying and not even making up a very good lie. That said, I spent the weekend on some new-to-me property in Mississippi. All total I drove 10 hours, walked probably 15, and sat maybe 3...
  2. Nutterbuster

    Breakin' the Law!! Breakin' the Law!!

    For the first time in...I literally don't remember how long, I clipped a bush that was making my 40 yard shooting lane a 15 yard one. @Allegheny Tom, when Mr. Green-Jeans shows up imma tell him you corrupted me! I gotta run and throw these clippers in the swamp now before he shows up.
  3. Nutterbuster

    Show Me Your Scored Buck

    I've been looking around on the internet for a database of pics of 100, 110, 120, 130, etc classed deer to try and get a little better at eyeballing bucks. I also took the little buckscore test (https://www.buckscore.com/buckscore-field-scoring-quiz/). I only got 3 out of 10 right, BUT...on...
  4. Nutterbuster

    Wild Rabbit and Taters, Precious

    Threw this together just now and it was finger-lickin'. Told my dad earlier that I'd shot a rabbit while deer scouting and he facetiously stated all I needed now was some taters, precious (LOTR reference for the non-nerds). So I gave it a stab with what was on hand. Took one young wild...
  5. Nutterbuster

    How to Hunt By the Numbers

    There are lots of statistics published pertaining to deer hunting. This is not a comprehensive guide to them, but a crash-course in how to quickly get enough information to make COMPARISIONS between areas and make informed decisions on where to allocate limited hunting time. I'm going to use my...
  6. Nutterbuster

    Team 13 Thread

    @Hall17, @phatkaw, @iamcorey, @Ontariofarmer, @GCTerpfan, @bongo, @SnakeEater, @goody94, @gameflogger, @Guff Dawg, @Goldentriangle85 Y'all ready for a rumble in the jungle? I'll be in the woods chasing my first 5 points October 1st.
  7. Nutterbuster

    1st Year in Mississippi

    So finally broke down and spent nearly $500 on an annual tag to the Magnolia State. Did it because a longtime friend has been coaxing me for years. Well, he's having hip surgery first week of October. Doubt he's gonna be making good on that promise to show me around. We may ride up there in the...
  8. Nutterbuster

    2021-2022 Duck Thread

    Me and Ole Amos are so excited for tomorrow's teal opener here in Alabama that we could pee ourselves. Been scouting every morning this week and while there aren't as many teal as there were last year the rice is growing good and there aren't as many blinds up. Maybe the ammo shortage is keeping...
  9. Nutterbuster

    Help me not buy a cell cam

    Somebody tell me this isn't a good deal...
  10. Nutterbuster

    Fat-Man Climbing

    Also known as Lazy-Man Climbing, Waldrop Pacseat Owner Climbing, Climbing for Them What Respect Gravity, Dang-it-There's-0-Ground-Cover-Here Tek, Whattaya-Mean-They-Don't-Let-Ya-Drill-Trees-on-this-Property Method, I-Wanna-Hunt-but-I-got-the-Black-Coffee-&-Taco-Bell-Breakfast-Runs...
  11. Nutterbuster

    Muzzleloader Load

    Just wanted to throw this out there for anybody looking for load info in the future. 60 grains of fffg triple 7 pushing a 240 grain Cheap Shot (saboted .45 cal all-lead slug) can group about 1.5-2" at 100 yards, moves at about 1550fps, is 3" high at 50 yards, and recoils like a .308. Out of a...
  12. Nutterbuster

    Thanks, USPS

    Got a package scheduled to come in while I'm out of down. $47 to have them hold it at the local PO where it has to go anyways. More money for them to do less work. Crazier than Charles Manson huffing laughing gas in a bounce house.
  13. Nutterbuster

    Anybody know where to buy a used muzzleloader?

    I hunted with a borrowed cva wolf last year and liked it. Local shop sells them for $220 sans scope. Not bad, but seeing as you can ship them without an ffl does anybody know a good place to shop for them used?
  14. Nutterbuster

    State County-by-County Hunting Report $10

    I woke up to half-a-dozen requests for more information after the spreadsheet I posted last night. They're not hard to do and you can get the info yourself if you have a couple of hours. But if you'd like you can paypal me $10 and I'll email you a spreadsheet with the county-by-county...
  15. Nutterbuster

    Nutterbuster Spreads(sheets) It Wide Open

    Let me see if I can get this right. Population is human population and based on USDA 2019 population estimation. Square mileage is also based on current USDA info. P&Y numbers all obviously pulled from their database. The P&Y number reflects every typical whitetail recorded in that state from...
  16. Nutterbuster

    Help Sharing Deer Spreadsheet

    About to finish a 32-state spreadsheet with population, square mileage, total P&Y bucks harvested, population/mile, P&Y bucks/mile, and the mean, median, and mode of the 100 most recently harvested bucks' in each state gross antler score. I know we all talk about how different states are...
  17. Nutterbuster

    Thoughts on My First Year "Trophy Hunting"

    Putting this out there to help organize my thoughts and hopefully help some folks out. I'll try and update periodically throughout the season. Below are links to 3 other wordy threads where I outline my (Dr. Sheppards, mostly) general thoughts on deer hunting. Part 1 -...
  18. Nutterbuster

    How to Burn Money

    About to take an angle grinder to a cast platform for the first time as soon as the battery charges. Any words of wisdom from the platform manglers guild?
  19. Nutterbuster

    Real Mobile Hunting

    So Nutterbuster has decided that he wants to take a stab at filling his buck tags with something a little more impressive this year. To that end I complied a spreadsheet with all 68 Alabama counties containing data on B&C records, P&Y records, Alabama Whitetail Records (AWR), 2020-2021 buck...
  20. Nutterbuster

    Saddlehunters' Greatest Weakness...

    Rapelling. Or is it rappeling? Reppeling!? No...I'm sure it's repelling. Right?