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  1. Tjraley2

    Need help with Stay Sharp Guide!

    So I finally ordered a stay sharp guide. I followed all the steps, made sure to get a bur, then tested the broadhead after running it over the first two pieces of sandpaper and it’s duller than before! Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong?
  2. Tjraley2

    Community Conservation Day - Waterford, WI

    For those interested, there’s a community conservation day coming up this Saturday in Waterford, WI. Cost is $50, and that gets you free beer for the night, raffle tickets for a ton of prizes, and the opportunity to give back to the resource we all enjoy. All proceeds go to conservation efforts...
  3. Tjraley2

    Podcast episode with JCLINE84 talking Overwatch Outdoors and the Transformer Saddle

    Did an episode on my podcast with @JCLINE84. I think you guys will like it. https://sportsmensnation.com/podcasts/is-saddle-hunting-just-a-fad If you dig it, check out the rest of my episodes, subscribe, and leave a review so I can buy more saddle stuff. :tearsofjoy:
  4. Tjraley2

    Need recommendations for tripod for self filming

    Anyone have recommendations for an inexpensive decent quality tripod? Looking to film my turkey hunts this spring.
  5. Tjraley2

    Turkey reaping, anyone?

    I’m thinking of trying to reap a turkey this year. I have several places I can hunt where I often see turkeys on the neighboring property, but it’s hard to call a bird across a wide open field. Curious to hear your thoughts and experience with turkey reaping. Specifically, have you found it to...
  6. Tjraley2

    Starting a podcast - Need your input! The Wisconsin Sportsman Podcast

    Still working out a few details, but it appears I'll be hosting a podcast that will be affiliated with a prominent outdoor podcast network. We will dive in to all things outdoors, with an emphasis on all that Wisconsin has to offer. I hope to keep information relevant for much of the Midwest and...
  7. Tjraley2

    Moultrie WV 6000, anyone?

    Anybody use one of these cell cams? Walmart near me has them on clearance for $60. Any feedback appreciated.
  8. Tjraley2

    WTB rope for climbing stick

    Needing about 10’ of 8-10mm rope for a stick cam cleat conversion. Figured I’d post here first in case someone has some scraps left over from other projects. PM me your price.
  9. Tjraley2

    Expandable broadheads for sale - $35 for all

    4 NAP Killzone, 100 gr - $18 TYD Blades are a bit dull on one from a miss and need to be touched up on the others. 1 head currently set up as a practice head, but I have new blades for it I’ll include. 3 Rage Low KE, 100 gr - $15 TYD Blades need to be touched up, but have never been shot into...
  10. Tjraley2

    Mathews TX-5, anyone? HELP ME DECIDE!

    I've been searching high and low for a bow that has the speed I want with a short ATA and short (26.5) draw length. After watching some videos, it looks like the 2019 Mathews TX-5 fits the bill. The problem is none of the dealers in my area have one I can shoot. Have any of you shot one? What's...
  11. Tjraley2

    SOLD - PLEASE CLOSE - Lone Wolf Straps - $25 TYD

    Lone Wolf Straps, $25 TYD. These are in good shape. A little frayed from use, but straps are not at all compromised.
  12. Tjraley2

    SOLD- please close Predator Pack $60 TYD

    Predator pack with original straps. Used once, just not for me. $65+ shipping new on Tethrd site. $60 TYD obo. PP F&F
  13. Tjraley2

    Bowhunting in the rain?

    So Wisconsin’s opener is going to be a wet one. 100% chance of rain tomorrow, and they’re calling for it to be a “steady” rain much of the day. I’m not afraid of getting wet, but I am afraid of losing a deer. So here’s my question: Should one bowhunt in the rain? Do you?
  14. Tjraley2

    One-stick/strap-on step hybrid climbing method, anyone?

    Has anyone ever used strap on steps as part of a one-stick climbing method? I envision it working like this: Hang the stick and climb up like normal. Once you're ready to move the stick up, instead of just free dangling from the tree or trying to hold yourself off the tree with your knees, you...
  15. Tjraley2

    Edible mushrooms?

    Any one know if these are edible? They appear to be pheasants back mushrooms, but I’m not sure. Any pros able to ID them?
  16. Tjraley2

    Where do you sell firearms?

    I have three firearms that I've finally decided to part with. Two are old guns I've never shot. They're not in great shape, but they were family heirlooms of sorts that really have no sentimental value to anyone in our family. One is a Stevens and one is a Baker. The third is an H&R handi-rifle...
  17. Tjraley2

    Muddy Pro stick $65 TYD Sold - please close

    1 Muddy Pro stick for sale. Non-recall. Purchased from another member on here. $65 TYD obo.
  18. Tjraley2

    Utility Knife for field dressing/skinning?

    Has anyone tried using a utility knife for field dressing or skinning deer? Seems the only downside would be the thinness of the blade. But with all the different blade shapes and the cost of replacement blades, it seems like it could be a great solution for someone working with a budget.
  19. Tjraley2

    Moving to southern Wisconsin... HELP!!!

    Okay so I’ve lived in the Deep South my entire life. Now, it looks like I’ll be moving to southern Wisconsin in January/February. Any of you from the great white north want to offer advice? First, anyone hunt near/around Stoughton? If so, what’s it like? Are the wildlife areas and parks decent...
  20. Tjraley2

    Working toward next season's goals NOW.

    We all have goals for every deer season, whether we write them out or not. My goal for last year was to not die in a tree diaper. Check! Where I think we often fail is when we dream up goals but don't do much in the way of making a plan to get ourselves there. This is the perfect time of year to...