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  1. Robert loper

    3 items for sale

    I have a new pair of wolverine size 11 ,800 gram insulated boots. 100$ tyd. i wore twice they are like new. i have as a set. Browning high pile jacket and 6 pocket pants both xxl. 100$ tyd for set Also i have 2 simmons 3/9-40mm scopes. 100$ obo for both. No trades please. Pm me and we will get...
  2. Robert loper

    Checking Trail cameras yet?

    Anyone else checking trail cameras. here are just a few ill be chasing this year.
  3. Robert loper

    Sold please remove.

    6 exodus broad heads 125 grains. Comes with 9 replacement blades. 60$. Pm me please
  4. Robert loper

    Please close

    Brand new Size 11 uninsulated rubber boots knee highs 80& TYD
  5. Robert loper

    Please close

    Pm me if interested
  6. Robert loper

    Please close

    Brand new out of box.size 11m I had on to try on and thats it. 800 gram insulation thinsulate. pm me asking 100$
  7. Robert loper

    My 1st grandbaby.

    My 18 year old saved her money up and got a labradoodle this week. omg one of the prettiest dogs ive ever seen Here she is Dakota.
  8. Robert loper

    Buck cave i found pretty cool spot

  9. Robert loper

    Lwcg apparel

    Got me a lwcg zip up hoodie Gotta say i love it. fits great. not to light not to heavy. Perfect for mid layer or for scouting Check them out. Im impressed
  10. Robert loper

    Please close. Keeping

    30$ TYD. Shoulder sling pack
  11. Robert loper

    Sold please close

    Military back pack. Super light and a ton of storage options. 35$ TYD
  12. Robert loper

    Sold please close

    100$ or best offer. 5 treehopper steps and 2 long handled Ocb straps from treehopper. brand new
  13. Robert loper

    A non wrist strap release

    I have a scott wrist strap release typ Looking for a release with no straps. the straps slways get in my way holding or grabbing at stuff. just a hold in hand release Any recommendations?
  14. Robert loper

    New Era of EQUIPMENT when is the start of the end?

    I know this forum has some really awesome guys with super ideas and i would love to hear them. Tactics gear or whatever. will there ever be the perfect setup ? I do believe we are on the tip of a New ERA of equipment in hunting. just starting to see the crazy lightweight stuff starting to...
  15. Robert loper


    Trying to get that 1k mark guys and gals appreciate the subscribe. check me out All deer tactics gear and coming this spring east coast turkeys. https://youtube.com/channel/UC4_gcun8_kLGQWJMDxQtFpQ
  16. Robert loper

    Please close

    I have 8 pieces looped at 6 foot a piece for anyone who needs or going to ropes for climbing sticks this year.40$ tyd. Pm me
  17. Robert loper

    Trail camera email offer

  18. Robert loper

    Go pro max 360

    Anyone have any ideas or experience with the go pro max 360? Thinking and researching getting one. pro’s cons? Thnks in advance
  19. Robert loper

    Sold please remove

    1 inch molly webbing double aider I tried once and moveable aiders is just not for me. Its awesome bt moving is just too much fiddle factor for me. paid $57 with shipping $45 tyd. Pm me
  20. Robert loper

    Beast sticks vs lwcg sticks

    I know i know we all saddle guys here but, I am a 70-30 stand/saddle user. I use a stand most of the time. my question is this. I have beast sticks and i love them but, i hate how they stack. Great stick but they suck when stacking. wondering if lwcg sticks with their flatter packability...