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    Dryad is top notch

    Just wanted to give a shoutout to them....I bought a used Drey from them and I called to ask some questions. A real live person answered the phone and walked me through them and eased my mind a bit. Cant wait to try it out in the woods, with experiences like that I wouldn't hesitate to buy from...
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    spott hogg Tommy single pin (price drop)

    Spot hog tommy single pin$120 Add the % for paypal .....price shipped to lower 48.May do trades
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    ISO NAP Apache arrow rest

    Does anyone have one? Right hand and black would be perfect
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    Grim Reaper

    Just putting a feeler out to see how people like their Grim Reaper heads? I am looking at using their expandable broadheads this year....mainly the fatal steel ones.
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    Got my target buck!!

    Not from a saddle and I am between owning one but super happy nonetheless!! Opening morning I set up on the edge of a drained beaver pond and a funnel. I didn't see a squirrel but decided I would hunt the area as it was loaded with fresh rubs and scrapes. I left my climber in the tree....backed...
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    3 squirrel steps and OCB*****sold****

    Just as the title says 70$ shipped TYD
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    WTB ROS*** please close ****

    Does anyone have a ROS they would sell before I buy some treehoppers?
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    Looking for a platform ***close please***

    Whatcha got?
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    4 Cranford steps $40 shipped***** sold *****

    I have 4 Cranford steps. For $50 I will throw in a OCB with them
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    JX3 and carrying sticks

    I love my JX3. I used Helium's last year (full size and cut down ) and liked them ok but I grabbed some API sticks and they don't carry very well sandwiched between the seat and the back. I am just looking for suggestions as to where and how everyone carries their sticks in the JX3?
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    WTB quality 3-4 finger release(****admin please close***)

    Not brand specific I have had a few tru fires and Stan's. Just looking for something new. Let me know what you have
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    Copper john TST sight

    Copper John TST it wont fit on my bow but a great sight $35 trade for 3/4 finger release
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    Puffball mushroom

    Found a decent size puffball (between softball and vollyball size) while mowing.....Never ate one so what the hell do I do now?!!!LOL
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    New bow sight

    I am upgrading this year and bought a Xpedition Denali with a Hamskea rest but I need a new sight. I was looking at the Trophy Ridge line of sights but I was wondering what everyone used? I will be shooting some indoor league,3D and hunting with the same set up.I like multiple pin sights but...
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    Elite Synergy-sold —

    Time for a upgrade so I will sell my bow I used this year. Elite Synergy 28.5/65 pound Camo in great shape,brand new Twisted X bowstrings last year and will come with a QAD drop away rest. I will get pics taken tonight and upload them but PM me if you have any interest. $375
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    Cabelas Wooltimate bibs

    I have a set of the Windshear pants, jacket and vest and love the stuff, I would like to find a set of bibs in 2XL if anyone has any laying around they would like to sell. Thanks
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    First saddle buck kill and it’s a good’n!!!!!!

    Got in early and had a deer walk by in the darkness but I could see the body.When he walked by my cell cam sent a pic to my phone showing a small 8 point I’ve been seeing at the scrape the cams on and he walked off to the north away from me.About 655 I he’s sticks breaking from a buck bedding...
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    Hickory Creek Mini In-line crossbow****SOLD***

    Comes with a dozen arrows,Brand new brushes for the rest and you will need to adjust the rest in(unless I get time this week to get it done) cocking aid scope.....the whole shebang .I want to fund a new compound so I’m thinning the heard a bit 650$ TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    High wind hunting

    Gonna be 25mph winds tomorrow and I've killed some nice deer in high winds so I think I will head out, What's your favorite type of cover to hunt high winds? I was thinking of this spot near a CRP field they like to bed in because the woods will be pretty noisy.
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    Got my first saddle deer tonight!!!

    Had a nice big lone doe come in at 15 yards.Shot high and spines her unfortunately. Bugs me when that happens. I recently switched from a flex to a Hubrid and man I am loving it!!