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    NWOT Under Armour Realtree AP lot Early/Mid season

    NWOT 1-Ayton pant 38x32 fit like 36+ 1- light early season pant 38x32 fit like 36+ 2-lightweight loose long sleeve baselayer 2XL 2-Coldgear 3XL compression fit bottoms baselayer 1-3XL hoodie fit like 2XL loose stored in tote with earth scent wafer selling as set $190.00 TYD Paid $400
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    New Latitude Gear strap

    Gear strap New Hero clip and mini clip Used hockey tape $40 TYD
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    Strap Lot

    7 LWCG buckle straps New $75.00 TYD 4 LWCG buckless straps New $45.00 TYD 4 Tethrd mini versa straps Used once in yard $50.00 TYD Entire Lot $150.00 TYD
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    Straps LWCG and Tethrd Mini versa

    Tethrd Mini versa straps x 4 Tried once $48.00 TYD Priority LWCG Buckle straps New x 4 $45.00 TYD Priority sell all 8 for $85.00 TYD Priority
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    NWOT Under Armour Realtree AP set deer/Turkey setup early -mid season setup

    1-Ayton Pants 38x32 fit like 36+ 1-light pant early season 38x32 fit like 36+ 2-Lightweight loose long sleeve baselayer full Realtree 2XL 2-cold gear 3Xl compression fit like 2XL brown with realtree on side 1-3xl hoodie with logo front full Realtree fits like 2XL loose Stored in tote with earth...
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    WTB 7/64 Amsteel Daisy chains

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    WTB USA Amsteel XL

    Amsteel Guy USA
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    Set of 4 Beast minis 20” Stealth stripped holes exposed with 1 Eastern woods 18” cable aider. These were Used a couple of climbs. 4 buckle straps will ship disassembled SOLD
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    WTB Tethrd Predator

    Wanted Gen2 unpainted
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    Latitude Oplux sewn eyes Tether/caribers Used Twice $90.00 TYD Priority/PayPal
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    Latitude Method metal free/Pouch/Oplux knot linesman and tether/HYS strap

    Used 2 times Build date 7/2020 Method metal free Latitude dump pouch 2-Oplux knot /metoulis carabiners/3D figure 8 linesman and tether ropes used 2 times Tethrd HYS strap $275.00 TYD Priority/PayPal
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    LWCG New Doubles?

    Anyone get a set of 20” early and could give feedback . ‘Looking to see packability to .5 and how they set using Amsteel.
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    New Novix Helo

    Helo $205.00 TYD Brand New
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    Any codes available. Thanks
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    Anyone going to roadshow and have code there not using . There not coming to Northeast . Thanks
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    Brand New 4- Trophyline mini sticks with Beast Gear double steps,7/64 Amsteel ,1 LWCG 17” cable aider ,original Single steps and straps included $250.00TYD
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    Update- Beast Steps on Novix Minis Successful

    Update- Cut Up the Step. Tools needed- Hacksaw File Vise Took all but 2 minutes per step.
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    .5 SOLD Brand New 4 Pack double steps assembled $350.00 TYD
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    WTB Mapping Trophy Bucks

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    2020 Mini Beast Sticks X 4

    Used twice set of Mini Beast Sticks,Stealth stripped,New Factory straps. 18” Doublesteps wire aider Stealth stripped On one stick. Purchased Nov. 28 2020 Made In USA *** Daisy Chains Not Included*** $375.00 TYD Sticks will be disassembled for shipping If someone wants shipped assembled Add...