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    Madrock safeguard

    Seller name and address and feedback is a bit sketchy
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    Rapelling on Oplux vs Rescue Tech (tefeulburger)

    I keep a two wrap prusik cord on my right hip when I use the Safeguard. Pull on the safeguard handle and play out line with the prusik on the tag end. Even when just using my hand to control it I've never had an issue. Damp or dry. I never tried it soaking wet.
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    Rapelling on Oplux vs Rescue Tech (tefeulburger)

    My Resc Tech is buttery smooth with a Safeguard. Very manageable and controlled movements even when hanging with full body weight. I don't know where everyone is getting the herky-jerkies from?
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    Confession one stick

    Dangerous? Noisy? You guys are definitely not doing this right.
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    Ropeman 2 better to have than ropeman 1?

    Get 3' of 6mm TRC cord to make your own Schwabisch, or just order the eye to eye TRC from Eastern woods.
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    One sticking on leaning trees/ Platform movement

    Well then I have to ask. If you climb up the high side, attach your tether and hang from it to move your stick, how do you keep from swinging to the "gravity" side of the tree? Don't we all end up hanging parallel with gravity and perpendicular to level? Maybe we're thinking about a much...
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    One sticking on leaning trees/ Platform movement

    Is it possible to one stick on the high side? Gravity never let me do that.
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    Friction hitch

    I have Resc Tech 8mm mainline and use 6mm TRC for the Schwabisch. Tied eyes with a scaffold knot, but sewn eyes would be sweet.
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    Lap link tender

    Well that didn’t last long. LOL. I like this one even better. You can put the small and into a vise and crimp it so that the rope snaps into the small end and stays there until you pop it out. This keeps the tender up against the knot and away from the carabiner. Less rope movement to engage and...
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    Lap link tender

    I untie the hitch to rappel down so i didn’t want the legs too short because they are harder to tie/undo.
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    Lap link tender

    Any hardware store
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    Lap link tender

    Discovered a viable use for those lap links. 1/8” link fits really snug on 8mm rope In an effort to find an ascending technique that requires the bare minimum of hardware I realized I needed a hitch tender than was removable in order to rappel down. This little fella has no moving parts, weighs...
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    Where to get some good straps for buckle-less RM method

    Maybe call Strapworks.com and tell them what you're looking for?
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    Drop stick while one sticking

    I don't know how this is possible? Even with a massive amount of slack in the line it sounds like a miserable way to climb. I did however get rid of my cam cleats and went back to the buckle-less method for one sticking. Plan A is don't drop the stick Plan B is to rappel down and get the stick...
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    One stickers- do you swap to a platform or hunt from your one stick?

    That no stick video looks like a miserable way to climb. LOL
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    Carry backpack or pull up?

    This is what I do. I have a Doyle's gear hoist in a side pocket in my pouch with a grommet hole in the bottom. The Doyle's gets attached to my bow. If the pack is light it can go up with me. If it's bulky and full of clothes, I'll tie the pack to my rappel rope and leave it on the ground. Gear...
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    Tethrd and John Eberhart

    Can you tell me specifically which episode that was. I'd like to listen. I believe John would have just as many book bucks without scent control, simply because of his passion and woodsmanship, but his OCD won't allow him to try it. I've actually become more successful because of not being so...
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    One-stick with cam cleat tie off at hunting height?

    I took my cam cleats off and went back to the buckless method. I never felt any kind of slipping, but I did notice the rope didn't always seat the same and that bothered me. I look at that cleat and to be it's like running a carabiner without a locking mechanism......there is definitely a...