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  1. Tr33_n1nj@

    First aid supplies

    So trying to be proactive this year. Any body got a good place to buy things online like tourniquets and superglue and what not... But seriously this is a friendly reminder to be prepared. Small things could save a life.
  2. Tr33_n1nj@

    Bowtech shooters please help.

    Looking at finally upgrading the Bear Encounter. Had a friend suggest Bowtech. I initially looked at Mathews because that’s the shiny new thing, but the Bowtech Deadlock cam really has my interest. Do any of you have experience with the current models? Just based on reviews I have narrowed it...
  3. Tr33_n1nj@

    Alabama SOAs

    I noticed there have been some new areas added to the list this year. This will be my 3rd year entering so odds are getting better I might get drawn. I’m trying to narrow it down to some of the better options available. My fist instinct is to go for the obvious rut dates, but I wonder if going...
  4. Tr33_n1nj@

    All Over but the Scoutin’

    So with the Alabama season wrapping up. I am getting geared up for post season scouting. Pretty much all I’ve done in the past is going in to collect my cameras and poke around a little about 2 weeks after the season. Just curious how some of you other Deep South hunters handle this? Due to the...
  5. Tr33_n1nj@

    Help removing inserts

    I had some arrows cut down the other day that already had the inserts superglued in. I want to remove the inserts from the cut off ends and reuse them. Any ideas on how to remove the inserts without damaging them? I don’t care about the carbon scraps. Acetone? Field tip and blow torch? Boiling...
  6. Tr33_n1nj@

    Anybody ever used the Walmart 2 yr product protection plan?

    I bought one of those tasco cameras last summer. While it still takes pictures the SD card slot has malfunctioned and requires 2 pair of tweezers to get my card back out. Luckily I got the protection plan (for $2) I think. Has anyone ever returned anything using that plan? Is it worth the...
  7. Tr33_n1nj@

    Sally, whew that girl.

    I tell y’all what, we didn’t see that coming. Hope everyone else from Southwest AL / Northwest FL is doing OK. A lot of people are not. Luckily no damage to my house, but Im not expecting power to be back on until next week. It looks like a war zone around here and it’s as bad as Ivan ever was...
  8. Tr33_n1nj@

    South Alabama Milkweed.

    Found these pods yesterday South of Montgomery, AL. Picked a couple left the rest to continue to mature on the plant. Didn’t take pics of the plant because it was tangled in with some honey suckle and really couldn’t find any other different leaves, definitely not the same plant though I could...
  9. Tr33_n1nj@

    How do you decide what method?

    I’m sitting here looking at my collection of ways to climb trees. I’ve come to the realization that I’m not ready to commit to just one, but in an effort to make my life easier I’m trying to determine if there’s a best case scenario for each method so that at least I might be able to carry only...
  10. Tr33_n1nj@

    Angled Scout Platform question

    For y’all that have the angled scout on the top step, or just the solo scout, is it possible to stand up on it and take all the weight off your tether to make adjustments, and such? Or is that not possible/ difficult due to the lean?
  11. Tr33_n1nj@

    Camofire 20%off gift card

    Father’s Day sale.
  12. Tr33_n1nj@


    The I-phone I had been using to download podcast was upgraded to an android (not my choice) so I had to get a new podcast app and am currently going through and subscribing to all my old favorites, hunting public, hunting beast, down south, etc. But it occurs to me that there are probably others...
  13. Tr33_n1nj@

    Paracord bow stringer?

    Hey guys quick question. I have a Samick Sage in my hand and a stringer that won’t be here for another week. Can I whip up one out of paracord that will get me through the week? I know I can just do the leg thing but I’d rather do it the “correct” way. Tried a google search but looks like...
  14. Tr33_n1nj@

    What did you buy today?

    Let’s face it most of us have a problem. I will not mention it by name. Being stuck at home between hunting seasons and a raging virus pandemic outside and nothing inside but tv, snacks, the internet, and a credit card is not helpful. I blew the rest of my emergency Clorox wipes and tp budget...
  15. Tr33_n1nj@

    Knots and rope storage

    Since the season is over, I’m upgrading and rearranging. I see I have this large pile of ropes and carabiners. I assume that’s probably not the best way for those to sit for 6 months. How often do you all untie your knots? I was going to roll them all up and just hang them up but was thinking...
  16. Tr33_n1nj@

    Last card pull

    On my last card pull got several daytime pics of this guy but this is the best one of him. But the only nighttime series and it looks like he spotted the camera. I noticed a few rubs around so I made a scrape, peed in it and set up my camera. He hung around for about 3 days. Had 2 other young...
  17. Tr33_n1nj@

    Buck tried to get...me!

    Rut is just starting here, so I was expecting some action but nothing like this. Yesterday I had a non eventful morning hunt so I had my lunch then started making my way to my pre planned spot for the afternoon. Due to high water I had to walk through an area where does usually come down a hill...
  18. Tr33_n1nj@

    Bolt platform?

    Just posted similar to this in another thread but has anyone made a platform that has pegs like bolts that you could just slide into pre drilled holes and dispense with all the strap/daisychain/rope mod stuff? Would that even be possible/practical under the laws of physics and the saddle hunter...
  19. Tr33_n1nj@

    Non member product discussion

    Since all discussion of products have been moved to the Members only Vendor Access section, is there an acceptable place for non members to discuss their thoughts and opinions about products and equipment? I don’t want to start a new thread about something new only to have it moved to a place...
  20. Tr33_n1nj@

    Back band prussic loops

    So apparently I lost mine, I may or may not have left them attached to my bridge at some point but regardless they are lost without hope of recovery. I have a closed webbing bridge with a heavy duty slider. Anybody see a reason why I can’t just tie permanent loops on my bridge to attach the...