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  1. stevethebreeze

    Anyone in Douglasville GA?

    Have some questions for you
  2. stevethebreeze

    Its a beautiful morning

    Good luck to everyone this year. Its good to be back home....
  3. stevethebreeze

    Calling any Kansas City area Hunters

    Hey guys my son is going to be coming to Kansas City for a week long Seminary class either late fall or early January. I was thinking about going up with him and maybe try hunting some Public land up there in the KC area or East Kansas. What are your thoughts for someone coming up? Any...
  4. stevethebreeze

    Re-fletching carbon arrows

    Do you guys put your arrows in Acetone after removing fletchings? If so, how long do you let them stay in it?
  5. stevethebreeze

    Hunting water

    Early season do you guys find deer hitting water early, middle, or evening? I've never really hunted water much but this year Im in an area that water looks like it may be gold. Here in the South it is generally dry until late October. I know most of you guys are smarter than me. What say you?
  6. stevethebreeze

    9/11 Today

    I hope we never forget what happened and the heroes who sacrificed their lives to try and save other fellow Americans that day. Plus the guys who fought afterward in different lands for the Liberty of total strangers.
  7. stevethebreeze

    My saddle experience so far

    Well first off, I just got my H2 saddle in this week. WooHoo! Messed around with figuring it out after work a little each day getting it adjusted, figuring out all the belts buckles loops, ropes, etc. Videos just arent like the real thing, but I digress. This morning we got a cold front in and...
  8. stevethebreeze

    What is this?

    Got my H2 in this week and been practicing. Can't figure out what this is. Thoughts?
  9. stevethebreeze

    Thermacell 300 or 450?

    Worth the difference in price? ($10.00) Only difference I see between both is one(450) is "Armored" and has Zone check??? The 300 does not according to their website. Also, it looks like it has to lay flat?? Ive always been a swatter since it can be in the upper 70's, low 80's here in...
  10. stevethebreeze

    Prayers needed

    My mother just passed away. She's been fighting dementia for a while. Today Heaven got a little sweeter.
  11. stevethebreeze

    What was YOUR moment of truth?

    It happens. Forgot to do this, didn't do that, then all of a sudden the reality of your mistake hits. I've been hunting a long time and I've had so many close calls because of my lack of safety. I've fell out of a stand years ago that I was taking down and was ok. Personally that was my closest...
  12. stevethebreeze

    Need your Professional opinions

    Ok so since I just started this saddle thing this year I have dropped too many pennies and haven't even got to hunting season yet. I am trying to use what I got for now. So I have 2, not great, options. Compact but heavier. Or lighter and bulkier.
  13. stevethebreeze

    What thread for webbing?

    I am thinking about making a CAYG aider. I am going to use a water knot at the top but I am also wanting sew the ends after the knot is tied. (Maybe overkill but whatever) What would be a strong thread to use while not compromising the integrity of the webbing? I have some thick wax thread I...
  14. stevethebreeze

    I'm so ticked off!!

    Took my bow to the shop last week. Told them to go over it, tune it, check it out real good and let me know if there is anything they would suggest to improve or upgrade. Mind you its an older bow, Matthews Q2 and never had an issue with it and killed my share of deer with it. I went today to...
  15. stevethebreeze

    SpyPoint Cell link- Turn any camera into a cellular camera??

    This is a great idea. Never heard anything great or terrible about Spypoint but I really like this idea. $59.99 plus whatever plan. Thoughts? https://www.spypoint.com/en/products/universal-cellular-adapter/product-cell-link.html
  16. stevethebreeze

    BOLTS for fat guys

    Ok I know some people here use Bolts for presets. I have leased land and the owner is fine with it as long as I remove after the season Here is my problem. Im 260 pounds of love and just tried an 8" Grade 8 5/16 bolt. It bent. What are my options? What have you big boys used and found that...
  17. stevethebreeze

    Helpful videos for new saddle hunters

    Hey guys, I have been going through this site for a few days and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. My question is this, can you guys reply back with any helpful Youtube videos that may have helped you and that may be helpful for those of us (and possibly some of you) that may help us get a grasp on...
  18. stevethebreeze

    Just bought my first saddle!!

    Woo Hoo!! Ended up going with the H2 full kit and also bought a stack of Hawk Heliums (actually bought 2 stacks from MacksPW.com just to have extra for other presets with a lock-on) HUGE HUGE thanks to @gcr0003 for meeting up with me. We found a great place, since we live pretty close to each...
  19. stevethebreeze

    Leg Straps

    Ok, I'm new here so forgive me if this has been discussed a bazillion times. I searched for a thread to try not and repeat the beating of a dead horse. My question is this, Are leg straps needed? What are their purpose? Ive seen sit drags, saddles, harnesses, DIY's. Some have leg straps, some...
  20. stevethebreeze

    Hello from North Alabama!

    Seems to be a regular theme but I also don't have a saddle yet and have been watching TONS of Youtube videos and reading these threads. Never even heard of saddle hunting until a month or so ago. Im going to bite the bullet though soon and Im excited about the new challenge. I have always...