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Search results

  1. enkriss

    Scentlok BE1: Voyage Pants - NWT

    In Mossy Oak Terra Gila size XL New with tags. Still in the bag Unopened. $175 shipped buyer pays fees
  2. enkriss

    SOLD - Saddle suspenders/molle panel/pack

    Flatbranch outdoors saddle suspenders and modular back pack/molle panel. New with tags. In strata. $84 value I will sell for $70 TYD
  3. enkriss

    SOLD - Sitka tool bucket

    Tool bucket newest model tags removed never seen the woods $215 buyer pays fees
  4. enkriss

    Mystery ranch 2 day assault

    Mystery ranch 2 day assault coyote L/XL belt $125 buyer pays fees
  5. enkriss

    SOLD - TX5 package

    Picked this up last week in the classifieds. Not my thing. Mesh Stretch saddle, size large, ghook leg straps, triglide waist buckle… see pics… there are 2 small holes the previous owned burned into the lineman loops. 2 mesh dump pouches and backband are included $250 TYD
  6. enkriss

    SOLD - Tethrd Predator

    Picked this up used. It was painted greenish. I will include a new beast strap. $125
  7. enkriss

    SOLD - Trophyline kneepads

    Got them last week and never used them. Save on shipping $30tyd
  8. enkriss

    SOLD - Latitude kneepads

    used several hunts.. see pic $65 TYD
  9. enkriss

    SOLD - Mini beast sticks

    6 mini beast sticks with stealth strip buckle silencers One stick has an extra set of holes I free hand drilled to try a cleat. one or two have been on a tree once or twice the rest are new. $550 shipped conus. If paying g&s add fees. will be shipped disassembled
  10. enkriss

    SOLD - LWCG - 20” compacts

    Just got these. Gonna stick with what I have. 20” compacts with 20” cable aiders Tried 1 on the tree. $460
  11. enkriss

    SOLD - Catalyst Carbon Pros

    I have 3 17” step to step 14.5 oz Asking $420 or work a trade for a .5 ***attachment method not included
  12. enkriss

    SOLD - Kifaru Hellcat w/Gen2 water bottle holder RG

    Kifaru Hellcat, large belt, w/Gen2 water bottle holder RG $280 add fees if paying G&S
  13. enkriss

    SOLD - LWCG Sidekick

    Tried it out. Not my thing… There is some wear on the shrink tubing see pic.. $40 TYD
  14. enkriss


    1.0 bought a couple months ago. Comes with 1 strap, 2 buttons, cushion and backpack straps like it comes from the factory. The stand is slayer taped. Leveling knob is marred see pic from attempting to remove to try post on .5 but that idea was abandoned. $500 shipped conus f&f or if G&S...
  15. enkriss

    SOLD - One sticking parts

    Flat scout 2-ewo ultra light standoffs 1-ultralight step 3/16” fullbury amsteel rope $125
  16. enkriss

    SOLD - Squirrel step ROS

    I have 6 - 3/4” squirrel steps coated by OOAL with a sewn OCB $150
  17. enkriss

    SOLD - For sale or Trade - Overwatch Outdoors Transformer

    Size 2 bones camo $250 TYD
  18. enkriss

    Bravo company saddle?

    Looks like an Overwatch transformer clone of some sort… https://bravocompanygear.com/shop
  19. enkriss

    SOLD - LWCG doublestep sticks

    Comes with daisy chains and cam straps. $285 conus + fees
  20. enkriss

    SOLD - OOAL Hush

    Comes with 1 cam strap. $285