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  1. 10essee

    Live from the saddle 2021

  2. 10essee

    Live from the saddle 2021

    Hanging in some public that just opened up for archery this week. Been a couple years since I have been here. Quite a bit of sign this year. Some good trails and feeding sign. Good thing about this WMA is they run archery season regs so pretty much any deer is legal. Mainly just wanted to get...
  3. 10essee

    Yeah….I’m gonna say it

    I grew up hunting public and private in Tn. Killed deer on both equally. No baiting on private up there. Moved to Florida hunted public as I didn’t have access to private land killed deer here too. Got fortunate enough to get invited to become a member at a lease here and don’t regret it one...
  4. 10essee

    Live from the saddle 2021

    @Weldabeast you ever do much good in Guana? Only thing I’ve ever really seen there is hogs dillers and squirrels. Don’t recall if I’ve ever seen a deer in those woods.
  5. 10essee

    Let's talk custom bowstrings

    I run JBK out of Maine on all mine and my buddies bows. I’ve used several other makers and find his have the best of the best for me.
  6. 10essee

    Have to see it to believe it!

    If it was a crossbow bolt I highly doubt the fletching would’ve came off in the time from it being shot till killed with a gun. I’ve found arrows years old at an archery range that the fletching was still on or at least remains of it.
  7. 10essee

    What did you do today?

    I’ve sat at work today wondering what generation did common sense stop being normal. I have a crew of millennials that think they know everything but don’t even understand the simplest of directions. Makes me worried for the future of this country even more so than before.
  8. 10essee

    Handgun Hunting

    I set my S&W 686 7” 357 at 75 yards. Leupold 2.5-8x32. Shot this pig at 60 in the ear hole with a 140gr Barnes XPB from Buffalo Bore. I’m bucked out at my lease for this year so I haven’t had a chance to shoot a deer with it yet but it should do the trick.
  9. 10essee

    First hunt of the season traditions

    Not so sure it’s an intentional tradition or not but seems every year I have my pack so perfectly organized for that first hunt then on the way out of the woods realize I’m carrying an empty bag with a water bottle it. Grunt call in pocket range Finder around neck. I can’t be the only one with...
  10. 10essee

    Live from the saddle 2021

    Thanks. You too. I’ve got a 7 an 8 and a doe so far. I’m bout full on meat but I still go to get out of house. Hog killing time now
  11. 10essee

    Live from the saddle 2021

    Nice rig sir. I went with a Meopta Meostar 2.5-15x56 with illuminated dot on mine. Only thing factory is the action and bolt. Aftermarket ammo box and follower, extractor and ejector. Figured I would do it once and do it right the first time.
  12. 10essee

    Live from the saddle 2021

    I I had this one done at LongRifles Inc in SD. Bolt and shroud match the barrel and had them skeltonize the bolt handle. Wasn’t too awful expensive either. REM 700 with Criterion barrel in 6.5x55 Swedish light varmint contour. The flute is called wrought iron. Triggertech trigger in a custom...
  13. 10essee

    Live from the saddle 2021

    Nice rifle. Did you have the barrel and bolt fluted. Doesn’t look factory
  14. 10essee

    Carrying handgun while in saddle

    Chest rig all the way. Out of way and easy access.
  15. 10essee

    Anyone regret moving to larger platform?

    I was a preorder to the OG Predator and hunted it till this year. Bought a mission put back pack straps on it and will only use the predator as a back up. The mission is better for me, the extra size is worth the little extra weight.
  16. 10essee

    Grim Reaper

    Bowtech Insanity CPXL 60@29”
  17. 10essee

    Recommendation on Bear bows

    Not sure where you get that info from. I had an Arena 34 that shot every bit of its IBO which is 345. No heavier than any other manufacturer. Have you handled a Mathews of the same ata or a pse. Bear has some of the best customer service in the industry. I happen to live an hour half from the...
  18. 10essee

    Pin light life expectancy

    Never really been in a situation other than a ground blind where I needed a light. Fiber optics are so good now that by the time they quit glowing it’s past shooting light anyway.
  19. 10essee

    First public land hunt and buck

    Nice job. Sometimes those hunts where everything goes wrong but still ends in success are the ones that stick with you the longest.
  20. 10essee