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  1. Tr33_n1nj@

    Ordered a Recon, how has everyone improved upon it?

    Bought a recon last season. Just hunted out of it the first time yesterday. I ordered a medium instead of a small because I wanted more room for adjustment between the panels and didn’t listen when people told me the belt fitting is more important. It is more comfortable than my kite, and I...
  2. Tr33_n1nj@

    Team Last Chance (Team 14)

    Going to slip up to my private piece in the morning and see if the neighbors get sloppy on their annual “day after Thanksgiving hunt” and push one to me. I always get pics of deer this weekend, hopefully I pick the right spot.
  3. Tr33_n1nj@

    What’s in your quiver?

    Changed my whole setup during the season after running one through the @** with my twizzle stick (not the arrows fault but decided it was as good a time as any). Went to a GrizzlyStik Samurai and a total arrow weight of 658 gr 21% FOC. Also changed from wrist release to a hand held thumb...
  4. Tr33_n1nj@

    For God's sake….more than one “doe” is “does”……with a “s”

    No, just, no. Iv’e had bout’ all I can take. If you c’ant figure out apostrophes; do’nt use them at’ll.
  5. Tr33_n1nj@

    Attention: Master Baiters Only!

    My is experience with rice bran (south Alabama) is 50/50. One spot I put it out and and for the next week all my trail cam pics deer looked like Tony Montana. Another place I put it out it molded on the ground cause they wouldn’t touch it.
  6. Tr33_n1nj@

    What song is stuck in your head while hunting?

    Mom! Dad! Bingo! Bluey! But it’s the other part stuck in my head, like whistling the Andy Griffith theme...which, dang it, is now stuck in my head.
  7. Tr33_n1nj@

    Dump Pouches, Saddle Sag and Science

    where do I pre-order... oh yeah and I took the dump pouches off my saddle. I like the idea of putting them on the waist belt of my pack tho.
  8. Tr33_n1nj@

    Arrow rest

    Just something about a whisker biscuit...
  9. Tr33_n1nj@

    New Aerohunter saddle?

    Sounding like my Kite might end up worth more than my Safeguard...
  10. Tr33_n1nj@

    Alabama guys seen this?

    Ended up not necessarily hunting deer, but hunting a hunter-free spot to hunt deer. I swear one gate had 15 trucks today. Was still a beautiful place and I plan to return... just maybe not during a gun hunt.
  11. Tr33_n1nj@

    Alabama guys seen this?

    Speaking of which, I’m headed up for the gun hunt this week. If anybody’s going to be out there, Y’all watch out! Lol. Don’t shoot the deer in the orange hat...
  12. Tr33_n1nj@

    Handgun Hunting

    Following. I have this gun in 4” and have considered trying to hunt with it. I was thinking basically bow range.
  13. Tr33_n1nj@

    Platform Painting Really Necessary?

    Painted all my stuff. Realized that does nothing to stop the dreaded metallic clinks. Now everything is wrapped in hockey tap or something similar and can’t really see the paint...
  14. Tr33_n1nj@

    Alabama guys seen this?

    Maybe if I just bumble through the woods I’ll happen into one and they’ll have pity on me and teach me just to keep me out of their hair, lol.
  15. Tr33_n1nj@

    MUST-WATCH FOR BOWHUNTERS - Blood Tracking Deer with Dogs

    Epic HD cam. Got it from sportsman’s guide a few years ago. It’s no go pro, but takes pretty good video for the price. Came in a package with a couple of different mounts and a screen to hook up to view in real time.
  16. Tr33_n1nj@

    Alabama guys seen this?

    And I’d be willing to bet most people (ie normal, sane, non saddle/non mobile hunting individuals ) ain’t putting in the effort to hunt or even locate the spots he is.
  17. Tr33_n1nj@

    Recommended Beaver Traps

    Best ever invented, but be careful, you get more than you bargained for...
  18. Tr33_n1nj@

    Team Last Chance (Team 14)

    Heading out Wednesday to the legendary Bankhead NF for the first time ever. Hopefully I’m as lucky as ol Micheal Perry is good ...