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  1. Bigterp

    Has any one used U P platform on a shikar

    Yeah that tube is pretty thin that would be a lot of side load…..
  2. Bigterp

    My controversial view on tracking dogs

    I like this discussion! I’ve recently heard on multiple platforms I immediately backed out & got a hold of a tracker. What’s troubling is you don’t know what effort was put forth in the initial assessment to make that call. I had a shot this season recently that all that was needed to recover a...
  3. Bigterp


    @trailblazer75 still got one??
  4. Bigterp

    Smaller diameter ropes

    Thanks let you know what I find.
  5. Bigterp

    Can't trust coyotes

    Got a bunch of coyotes /foxes on a couple places I hunt & I can’t leave em overnight there. But absolutely fine at my other spots….. weird
  6. Bigterp

    thanksgiving day buck

    Congrats, how did it go down???
  7. Bigterp

    Smaller diameter ropes

    Do you know where to get sterling 6mm ropes with sewn eyes? I have some rope mods that are knotted & wanted to upgrade. Had some stuff from bluewater but their stuff is mostly setup for hitch cords, etc.
  8. Bigterp

    Saddlehunter.com Search Functions

    The issue is the 3 character search, google will fix that…..
  9. Bigterp

    Beast sticks with Cam cleat

    Here’s one of the videos on it
  10. Bigterp

    Team 5 - 2021

    I never regret passing deer that weren’t up to the goals I set. That’s not to say every once in a while I don’t just let it rip anyway……
  11. Bigterp

    "The official saddle hunting backpack thread"

    Don’t notice anything being super loud on that pack, especially after broken in
  12. Bigterp

    What is this thing?

    Looks like a pit or cat to me…..
  13. Bigterp

    First Saddle hunting Black Friday

    When I checked out it was applied once you finished payment info
  14. Bigterp

    Team 5 - 2021

    I was out today strapped in an hour & 20 mins before legal light & just walked in the door. To rub salt in the wound the big mainframe 12 I’ve been chasing was shot by a neighboring farm
  15. Bigterp

    Team 5 - 2021

    What a toad!!!! Stay after em!
  16. Bigterp

    Live from the saddle 2021

    MD firearms opener…. Yes it’s a zoo. My son is home from school & is making his way through the snack bag 40mins after legal light. First saddle sit for him. He says why the heck did we lug around climbers for so long……
  17. Bigterp

    Team 5 - 2021

    Headed out in the morning with my son , gun opener 1st saddle sit for him!
  18. Bigterp

    Dumb question - cutting arrows - using disc in miter saw?

    Yup one that came with it (metal just baby it) then made a squaring jig ( they really don’t need much.
  19. Bigterp

    Question about bolts..

    I haven’t prepped them that early but marked trees post season then drilled in the summer & or as I hunt. Plenty of times I’ll drill a tree on a morning hunt & realize that I needed a small adjustment 40-50 yds . I’ll drill that tree that I need to be in on the way out & mark it then it’s ready...
  20. Bigterp

    Yea/Nay: Saddle + strong winds?

    I wouldn’t not hunt because of it. Just know that the deer are going to be down out of it somewhere & hunt there some little pocket that’s protected….. definitely wouldn’t want to be swaying around on a ridge top somewhere just to check the box