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  1. bowhunter15

    JX3 Hybrid Video

    I helped John put together an instructional video for the Hybrid, to help answer a lot of questions that he gets and be a point of reference for those who are interest in or brand new to his system. Everything is pretty stock in this video. I will have other videos throughout the summer throwing...
  2. bowhunter15

    Machined platform post

    Selling my personal platform post that I machined. I have no need for it with the Predator platforms anymore so I put my seat back on a tree stand and am selling the post (including 6point brackets and nite ize tie). PLEASE NOTE: the pivot hole is 5/16", not 1/4". Asking $60. Sent from my...
  3. bowhunter15

    Tingley boots and Yoder chaps size 11

    I have the lightest version of the boot/chap combo. After just a couple long swamp treks, I don't think the boots fit as tightly around my ankles as I would like. No leaks. Asking $65+shipping via PayPal. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. bowhunter15

    Filming hunts with Saddle

    I put together a video showing how I set up my cameras to self film from the saddle and maneuver for various shots. There are probably many variations to this, but hopefully it gives some guys a head start on what to play around with if they decide to give filming a try: Sent from my...
  5. bowhunter15

    HME Utility Strap and Kuiu Pouch

    A few people asked me about this setup at Saddlepalooza. Here are some more pictures. The Kuiu hip belt pouch slides overtop of the waist belt on the saddle. There's nothing really special about it. You could make one too out of fleece or some other fabric (the Kuiu fabric gets a little crunchy...
  6. bowhunter15

    Things I'm Changing after Saddlepalooza

    I learned a lot from being around so many saddle hunters and trying their methods. Here are a few changes I'm likely to change, further test, or buy: -Buying a pair of Yoder chaps with Tingley ultralight boots. @redsquirrel had these and I was shocked at how light they were, and how well they...
  7. bowhunter15

    Ozone Podcast (with Shawn Chadwick)

    This is a podcast that includes myself, Boswell, and Shawn (BassBoysLLP) talking about Ozone. Specifically... what ozone is, how it is used in industries outside of hunting, if it's theoretically possible to work while hunting, what humidity does to ozone, what people have observed while...
  8. bowhunter15

    Machined Platform Posts for sale

    I have two machined platform posts. Brand new, never used. Includes hardware (pivot bolt is 5/16") and stick talons. PM for pricing. Each are for sale individually. These are the same design as I've made in the past, but have a bigger bolt face for the leveling screw to rest against. Sent from...
  9. bowhunter15

    Amsteel "fuzzy" from wear

    Hey guys, After a season of using my climbing sticks with the Amsteel rope mod, the Amsteel does have a fuzzy appearance. Just a heads up. I'm not sure it's a big deal as there are no cuts or anything like that. Some of the literature says that it's a fuzzy appearance is a sign of wear, but...
  10. bowhunter15

    Saddle Hunting in COLD weather

    I've been hunting out of the Kestrel all year, and recently it's been pretty cold. How cold? Yesterday I was able to walk across the ice to get to my tree location. Wind chills were in the single digits, and we have a little bit of snow on the ground. Here's what I've been finding so far: 1) I...
  11. bowhunter15

    XOP/Ameristep combo

    I took off the amsteel, added a Lone Wolf strap, but threaded a couple Ameristeps onto the strap. I'm still not a huge fan of relying on the ear, but that's why I'm testing it out at ground level now instead of up in a tree. I can't speak for anyone else. But I'll always be hooked up before...
  12. bowhunter15

    Tried 4 Wildedge Steps as a platform

    They're definitely the most solid, saddle friendly platform I've tried so far. They also take the longest to setup by far. But, I had no problem whatsoever with getting in position for 360 degrees of shooting with good form. I never felt off balance, or like I was going to slip. They just flat...
  13. bowhunter15

    DIY Fourth Arrow Run and Gun Base

    I took the idea of the new Run and Gun style base from Fourth Arrow and put my own spin on it. Basically, I swapped out everything steel for aluminum. The plates, I machined from 7075 aluminum. I swapped the carriage bolts for 1/2"-13 aluminum threaded rod, and the steel tubing spacers for 6061...
  14. bowhunter15

    I Beam platforms?

    I've seen a few of these floating around on the internet over the past few years. I think some guys on here have even ordered the raw material before, but I've yet to read any feedback on how they work. With the smallest size I Beam from Onlinemetals, if you cut it at an angle and make a few...
  15. bowhunter15

    Transporting fixed length bridge?

    I know some of you use fixed length webbing or amsteel bridges. My fixed bridge for my SitDrag was long enough that I could flip it up over my head while walking. I've found that with the Kestrel, I need a shorter bridge. Now it's not long enough to flip over my head, and if I let it hang it's...
  16. bowhunter15

    Saddle Platform Thermacell holder

    I discovered that I can take a loop of shock cord to hold my thermacell horizontal on the top of my platform. This way, I can set up the platform, pull the thermacell out and loop it in place. I'll probably stealth strip it. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  17. bowhunter15

    Klymit Inertia X Wave Recon pad

    I purchased this pad thinking I wanted to try a 3/4 length pad and save as much weight as humanly possible. The pad was decently comfortable for its size, and the little mini pump worked great for topping off the air pressure. Eventually, I ended up switching to a more expensive Exped pad...
  18. bowhunter15

    Platform with 3 points of contact

    I got to thinking last night. All of our platforms have brackets on top and bottom, giving four points of contact on the tree. If one corner of the bracket isn't touching the tree, your platform can still rock after camming tight like a table with mismatched legs. Has anyone tried ditching the...
  19. bowhunter15

    DIY Climbing Stick (1.5lb)

    I created a modified climbing stick where I used 1/16" wall 6061 tubing. Prior to this, I had made one from weaker 6063 aluminum from the hardware store, jumped around on the steps, and took note of where it deformed. Switching to 6061 gives added strength, but I also reinforced the bolt...
  20. bowhunter15

    Raptor Buckles

    I know some people use the Cobra buckles for a waist strap on the SitDrag. After some searching, I found that there's an alternative option. These seem pretty similar in application, are made in the USA, rated for 4000lb, and come in flat colors. I ordered one from Amazon for $21 and will let...