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  1. styksnstryngs

    Your setup

    Right now: WF19 riser Samick Discovery R1 limbs, 55# mediums for a 62" amo bow 22 strand Fury Flemish string with .021 Halo serving 2 catwhiskers Great northern quick detach quiver mounted onto the ilf dovetail bolt Springy rest, 25oz spring 8" Avalon stabilizer with 5 oz up front Arrows are...
  2. styksnstryngs

    New to traditional archery

    Yeah, 35 pounds is a good place to start. Limbs for the black hunter are pretty cheap, so you can go up in 5 pound increments and be hunting at 40-45 lbs pretty soon.
  3. styksnstryngs

    New to traditional archery

    Little heavy for the average guy to learn good form on imo, but it's not like it's way too much weight. If it's under $75, I would consider it, but since it's not even a TD I would probably look elsewhere for a black hunter.
  4. styksnstryngs

    How and why did you choose Traditional Archery?

    Hm. I can't really answer that. A recurve always just felt right in my hands. Not from a hunting or an archery family, but I grew up making bows, so I blame my Korean heritage.
  5. styksnstryngs

    Point on troubleshooting

    Well, there is the option of putting on a sight, but most people seem to be averse to that for some reason. Personally, I feel like if you're going that far to chase a setup that makes it so you basically are aiming at the same spot from 5 to 20 yards, you might as well put on a sight and save...
  6. styksnstryngs

    Point on troubleshooting

    But yeah, either way, I think OP should stop worrying about it and just shoot more. Form trumps all.
  7. styksnstryngs

    Point on troubleshooting

    Not as much as you'd think. Bows aren't as sensitive as many think they are, especially on the vertical plane. You can get really good broadhead flight from a variety of nock points.
  8. styksnstryngs

    Point on troubleshooting

    Raising nocking point actually makes a pretty significant difference in your point on distances. Dewayne Martin has videos showing how much he can change arrow impact on YouTube under vabowdog. He does it with broadhead arrows, too. Aside from that, I think you're too focused on trying to have...
  9. styksnstryngs

    Point on troubleshooting

    Playing with point weight to get a point on means you are untuning your setup, if it's tuned. You can get away with a pretty high nock point, but make sure to broadhead test for good flight. I also have a hard time understanding why you don't just put a 20 yard crawl on your string. If you're...
  10. styksnstryngs

    Clicker alternative?

    I've listened to a lot of Joel's stuff, but the idea that you're not supposed to know when the bow goes off is, at a high level, just not acceptable. If you feel like you're flinching and you can't hold your shot when the clicker goes off, you're not fixing target panic, you're putting a...
  11. styksnstryngs

    Clicker alternative?

    The issue I take with a lot of the clicker alternative pseudotriggers that Joel pushes is that a clicker isn't supposed to be used to involuntarily trigger a release, like a trigger break would do. Any good Olympic recurve archer will have the ability to pull through the clicker and not even...
  12. styksnstryngs

    New to traditional archery

    Full length 400s with a field point test kit would be a good place to start. Depends on how heavy you're willing to go, though. Lighter arrow, 500 would probably tune.
  13. styksnstryngs

    Arrow Spine

    Draw length, center shot, brace height, string material, fixed crawl length add up to huge dynamic spine changes.
  14. styksnstryngs

    What's a good hunting all around weight ?

    My coach is shooting a 48#@28" bow at about a 30.5" draw and he never works out, but he is in his late 60s. He puts up 580-590 indoor rounds with olympic recurve. Alignment will get a guy really far. I can shoot 55 pounds and I'm a pretty weak dude.
  15. styksnstryngs

    Yea/Nay: Saddle + strong winds?

    Man, where I live 15 mph is a pretty calm day.
  16. styksnstryngs


    There are a lot of knife blanks on Etsy. I bought from a guy who forges them from 80crv2 and it's held up really well for me, handled it with birdseye maple and brass pins and threw a decent leather sheath on it. Ragweed forge has a lot of Scandinavian style knife blanks in a wide range of...
  17. styksnstryngs

    Seek One + Hunt Urban Masterclass

    I've seen nobody talk about the course, and that big of a discount makes me think there may not be as many people signing up for it as they thought they would get based on their YouTube popularity.
  18. styksnstryngs

    Trad bow deals

    Optimus one is China, Optimus 2.0 is us
  19. styksnstryngs

    Outfitter Spartanforge, is anyone using it and what is your opinion?

    I've been impressed by basemaps, maybe because I had super low expectations from spartan.
  20. styksnstryngs

    Outfitter Spartanforge, is anyone using it and what is your opinion?

    Hate to say it, but I'm agreeing with you.