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  1. hunter1177

    It's just...a little crush... - Review of the JX3 Hybrid Saddle

    I have debated on buying the jx3 myself or the new cruzer archon I thought about if u slip n fall would the metal part in front that sets on the tree would it puncher my leg if was in a fall situation when it grabbed so I have decided to go with the cruzer 2 pannel
  2. hunter1177

    Oplux 8 mm

    It was a dry day made me nervous being new to saddle hunting
  3. hunter1177

    Oplux 8 mm

    Has anyone heard oplux rope make a popping noise when on a tree with your weight loaded
  4. hunter1177

    Gearhead compound bow

    Nice been looking at them resently
  5. hunter1177

    Gearhead compound bow

    Any one have one how do u like it n what's the speed
  6. hunter1177

    New member

    Welcome from tennessee helium sticks
  7. hunter1177

    Cruzer S model

    It just started doing it
  8. hunter1177

    Cruzer S model

    Has anyone else had the issue with the belt getting lose when strapped on
  9. hunter1177


    How much
  10. hunter1177


    Looking for my first platfrom information on the ins n outs what to look for in a platform and best size . Been looking at the xop edge platform and lone wolf seat platfrom kit
  11. hunter1177


    Looking to by a platform but not sure what's better small med xl been looking a lot at the xop edge lw seat platfrom kit seen the new smaller mission
  12. hunter1177

    XOP Edge

    Wish we could preorder
  13. hunter1177

    Lone wolf

    Has any one done a diy on the lone wolf set platform I see there a sale for 56 bucks n free shipping right now just wondering
  14. hunter1177


    Worth a try
  15. hunter1177


    Can I come pig hunt with you east tn
  16. hunter1177

    2020 Contest Final Results

    When does your season start
  17. hunter1177

    Saddle Recommendations for sitters

    Wait for the new cruzer archon think u will be much happier after looking at it
  18. hunter1177

    my first DIY saddle build

    Looks good
  19. hunter1177

    Cruzr Archon

    Any thoughts on the archon saddle that cruzer is coming out with
  20. hunter1177

    Finally got 2 hrs

    Got to test my saddle out finally 2 hrs in my cruzer S model have no complaint against it sits well great on the lean awesome on the knee's glad I bought one after so many yrs researching them