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  1. ShooterMike


    Bow is mint. Not even a month old. I’m just not a Bowtech guy. Let’s try $799.95 Semper Fi, Mike
  2. ShooterMike


    Lol. Actually, yes! We decided to travel. Semper Fi, Mike
  3. ShooterMike


    But I did get the lawn mowed, hedges trimmed, garage cleaned out, hunting gear packed away, deck cleaned off, and managed to shoot 75 arrows. Got home earlier than planned today, thankfully. Semper Fi, Mike
  4. ShooterMike


    If anyone who lives in Virginia is surprised by the sudden onset of heavy rain ….. it’s my fault. I just finished washing and detailing the outside of my truck. Yours truly, “That guy” Semper Fi, Mike
  5. ShooterMike

    Garmin Xero A1i Pro Bow Sight

    Semper Fi, Mike
  6. ShooterMike

    Garmin Xero A1i Pro Bow Sight

    I have two of these - one on my primary hunting bow, and one on my backup bow. I decided to make my backup bow more 3d'ish, and I'm putting on an Axcel and UV3 on that bow. The Garmin Xero A1i Pro is super stupid easy to setup. It can accept multiple arrow profiles. Has a digital insight level...
  7. ShooterMike

    Petzl Grigri+ and Carabiner

    $90tyd Semper Fi, Mike
  8. ShooterMike

    (SOLD) Lattitude Method complete kit

    Yes, the saddle, backband, suspenders, pouches, gear strap, and (1) linemans/tether. I do not have an extra tether/linemans for this one, but I do have extra carabiners if you need some.
  9. ShooterMike

    (SOLD) Lattitude Method complete kit

    Method Saddle, suspenders, two pouches, gear strap, and back band. $250 tyd. I have two of these - I like them that much, but I'm making room for new gear.
  10. ShooterMike

    Muddy One Stick with UP & Canyon C-IV

    Muddy Pro with UP and sewn two step aider. 40' of Canyon C-IV $220 F&F or buyer covers fees Semper Fi, Mike
  11. ShooterMike

    Mamut Smart 2.0 + Carabiner

    Also have 40’ of Canyon C-IV to add in for an additional $50. Comes with quick link. Semper Fi, Mike
  12. ShooterMike

    Mamut Smart 2.0 + Carabiner

    New. Never used. $50 F&F or you cover fees. Semper Fi, Mike
  13. ShooterMike

    PLEASE CLOSE WTB Mammut Smart 2.0

    I have one. New never used it. Will Sell with the Mammut Smart HMS Caribiner for $50 F&F. Semper Fi, Mike
  14. ShooterMike

    1 Left!! NIB Remington 870/1100/1187 Saddle Scope Mount with 4x32 Shotgun Scope and Rings

    $75 for one mount and one scope? Semper Fi, Mike
  15. ShooterMike

    (SOLD) Ridgerunner

  16. ShooterMike

    (SOLD) Ridgerunner

    still available.
  17. ShooterMike

    (SOLD) Sitka Apex Pack

    One season of use. No tears or stains that I can find. All zippers and closers work just as they’re supposed to. Great pack! $150. Semper Fi, Mike