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  1. MattMan81

    Rutted up deer smell

    Has anyone experienced that heavy smell a rutted up deer makes? I can recall a few times I smelled it, and ignored it. Should have followed it. Last season towards the end in December I was headed out to the big box blind in hopes to knock down a late season doe. Along the way I smelt that...
  2. MattMan81

    Michigan now requires mandatory reporting

    Fyi Michigan hunters. https://www.michigan.gov/dnr/things-to-do/hunting/deer/harvest-reporting#:~:text=Report%20online%20at%20Michigan.gov,the%20tags%20available%20to%20report.
  3. MattMan81

    360 camera? Results?

    So my thought returned again to recording my shot. I don't want to really mess around with a camera arm. Tatica cam on the bow or other doesn't interest me, seems like it will miss the shot some.. 360 cameras have seem to come down in price. Anyone tried just setting one above you and recording...
  4. MattMan81

    Adult arrow builders. Are you running offset vanes?

    What's your results? Strait? Slight OS, lot off set? Re doing my arrows. Running 4 heat vanes. Not sure which way to go. Last year I was running slight OS strait on small feathers. Didn't seem to get a strait answer off the RF channel to an advantage.
  5. MattMan81

    WTB throw ball. Got it. Please close.

    Anyone kicked theirs to the side of the garage and want to sell them?
  6. MattMan81

    Everyone okay down in Kentucky?

    You guys all safe down in Kentucky?
  7. MattMan81

    Mega millions

    If you didn't know the mega millions hit 1 billion. Anyone interested is doing a SH group? I would get the tickets. But gotta do it soon. I think before 9 tommorow? I would take the money. Get the tickets, and email you copies of the tickets. Split what ever the winnings are. Any interest?
  8. MattMan81

    Aerohunter Kestrel Size 2. Keeping..please.close

    The original and Best. $200 TYD. In US 48. To many saddles.
  9. MattMan81

    Made your own deer funnels?

    Just a thought I have had a few time. Curious if anyone has tried it. Would have to be on private. But put sections of fence up to try and funnel deer traffic thru certain areas? Maybe entrance and exits off a food plot? Or just to protect a blind side? Something I have wondered about it it...
  10. MattMan81

    NY saddle hunter starting a business?

    Anyone else watch the last video. Pretty sure they are going to be starting a business selling stuff. Climbing stuff mostly it seems. Don't see a website yet. So just a heads up for other options to spend money at. Lol.
  11. MattMan81

    Can you over spine high FOC?

    Just curious. Looking at trading for momentum shafts. Currently running a 250 Apollo. 28.5" OA, 680is taw. 200gr up front. If I went to a momentum 170 shaft will I get over spined problems? What's the down side? Will a more rigid arrow be less forgiving?
  12. MattMan81

    Ozone machine in your car?

    Anyone ran their ozone machine in their car? So I have kids, and the are super clean and never have dropped a thing in the car........ But either way have you tried it in the car and what have the results been?
  13. MattMan81

    2022 hyped up thread.

    So who else is ready for some disconnect from the world time in the woods? How many more days until your opener? What are you most excited to try out? Show a picture of your target buck! Plus a pin. ;) I know I'm just excited to go hunting. I gotta finish getting my bow set up. But not...
  14. MattMan81

    Poisonous vines on your ropes.

    Do you find if you get your gear into the nasty stuff that it will get on you later? If you have what do you do to try and get it off? Mixed reviews about washing your ropes since water logging them they say can cause pre mature failure. With that said I didn't climb the tree loaded. But it was...
  15. MattMan81

    Transformer Size 2. Sold. Please close

    Posted this a while ago. Held onto it for a while until I was sure. Now I am. Size 2. Order last July. Used 10-12 hunts last year. I can't find a pulled thread anywhere. Will photo anything else you have a question on. The leg straps did fray a little but don't see anything of concern. $200 TYD...
  16. MattMan81

    Have you moved away from one sticking?

    Just looking for a census of how many people have moved off one sticking? I have been working my way into some DRT/MRS climbing this off season. Still have some more tweaking, and nothing compares to real world senario. Not planning to sell my one stick yet. But have seen a few go down the...
  17. MattMan81

    Go wild send it slam event. July 9th. Louisville KY.

    https://tickets.timetogowild.com/event/send-it-slam I can't make it. But if any of you near by are interested.
  18. MattMan81

    Happy 4th of July!

    How are you spending your weekend?
  19. MattMan81

    Summer scouting clothing

    What do you guys wear to help keep you cool when it's hot out? Every time I scout anything when it's hot, I seem to over heat my self and get a head ache the next day. I take plenty of water. But I don't think I'm wearing the right shirt or pants. But also need to get thru brush. What do you...
  20. MattMan81

    Shipping problems.

    So I purchased a few small things off classifieds. USPS delivered the package to wrong address. So far they haven't been able to get it back. Thanks government. The good news is the guy I purchased it from has been great to work with and we are working thru it. Looks like a first for both of us...