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Search results

  1. MIPublic

    WTB 125 Iron Wills

    Looking at changing broad beads this year. If you have any style Iron Wills in 125 shoot me a PM please, wides, bleeder/no bleeder it doesn’t matter. Only thing I can’t use is left bevel single. Thanks!
  2. MIPublic

    Looking for advise on a tent

    The wife and I are looking to do some camping this summer with and I’m looking for advise on a middle of the road tent. I’m down for something nicer than the $65 Coleman tent or Costco special, but not looking to drop $700+ either, at least not right now. Needs -Sleep two people...
  3. MIPublic

    2006 Toyota 4Runner- SOLD

    Great hunting rig! SR5 4.7 V8 4x4 all stock Frame is in good shape, some rust but nothing alarming, again 16 years old, normal scratches and a couple carpet stains one should expect in a 16 year old vehicle. Water pump, belt, and radiator completed at 163k. New rotors, calipers, and pads in...
  4. MIPublic

    Set of 4 EWO Feathersticks - Sold please close

    4 EWO Ultralight Sticks $515 $490 $460 +Shipping $450 SHIPPED (If shipping is over $15 I ask that you cover the over but we can discuss) via F/F add 3.5% for G/S if you so choose 20” overall length 18” step to step Stealth stripping on back near tree brackets to quiet while stacking 4...
  5. MIPublic


    Gently used UP platform, will post pictures in a bit or dm me your number and I can text them. Comes with hardware. $115 TYD via F/F, please add 3.5% for G/S if you so choose.
  6. MIPublic


    “Custom” Benchmade 940 The “custom” term is being used VERY loosely here haha. Brand new Blade HQ Jade scales and body with a like new Satin SV30 blade. As you can see the jade scales are somewhat see through to allow visibility to the inner workings. Comes with the box, paperwork, and bag...
  7. MIPublic

    WTS - Predator pack and upgraded straps

    Predator Pack - SOLD Upgraded Straps - pending local pickup
  8. MIPublic

    EDP Pack by Backwoods Mobile Gear

    EDP pack by BMG in great shape. Picked it up to experiment with in attaching it to my predator pack. Just not what I was looking for so catch and release for me. Has lots of molle on the front, can be connected to molle or provide your own straps to make it like a standalone predator pack. $65...
  9. MIPublic

    Predator Pack

    Like new Tethrd Predator pack - $56 TYD via F/F All straps included, no rips, stains or tears.
  10. MIPublic

    WTB - Removable Bridge

    Picked up my IWOM and to use it with my saddle I need a removable bridge, girth hitch on one side and biner attachment on the other. If you have one please let me know. Trophyline has one but trying to avoid spending $40 if I can help it.
  11. MIPublic

    SanDisk Extreme SDXC 64GB x 2

    I bought these for my trail camera in late August-ish? only to realize that they are not compatible with my camera(too large). Naturally I missed the Amazon return window. One was opened before I realized my mistake and the other is unopened. $20TYD via F/F for both
  12. MIPublic

    Please close

    5'9 - 6'1 XL size needed, can't be too choosy on camo option. Would prefer XT but would consider EL/Stalker depending on price and condition. Have a Sitka fanatic jacket or stratus bibs I could trade or cash money. Have one that fits the bill, let's talk.
  13. MIPublic

    WTS/WTT - XXL Stratus Bibs

    Stratus bibs XXL -235 No rips, stains, or tears. Purchased in spring of 2021. Bibs worn maybe 8 times. Price is F/F TYD via UPS. Please add 3.5 for G/S if you so choose. Would trade for an XL Dakota Hoody or XL stratus jacket.
  14. MIPublic

    WTB - Predator found please close

    Looking for a predator platform. Can do cash or trade for a wild edge stepp and perch platform.
  15. MIPublic

    Predator XL Platform- SOLD

    BNIB Predator XL Got this as a warranty replacement from Tethrd and I'm just wanting to go back to a smaller platform. 190 TYD via F/F
  16. MIPublic

    Eberlestock G29 (Tailhook) - Sold please close

    Eberlestock Tailhook - G29 Discontinued and hard to find! I’ll likely regret getting rid of this, I just hardly used it this year after selling my 1 stick setup. Built really really well like all Eberlestock stuff is. It’s essentially built like a small X2 lumbar pack with a shoulder harness...
  17. MIPublic

    Overwatch Transformer - sold please close

    Second go around at a 2 panel saddle and it’s just not for me. I’ll probably give it a try again next year haha. You all know this is the crème de le crème of craftsmanship from Jamie and co. 7-ish sits out of it, just going back to a single panel for the time being. Size 2, bonez camo, raptor...
  18. MIPublic


    Sitka Fanatic Vest XL - never gets used, I go straight from sweatshirts to fanatic jacket. $225 $200 + actual shipping costs to you, we can look at UPS/USPS whatever you want.
  19. MIPublic

    A good reminder of why we do it…

    Post from Michigan Deer Hunter FB page - This is my cousin. After going through so much at such a young age, I’m so glad he has such a great outlook on life. We have a great support system that raised us in the outdoors. We just look at is as enjoying God’s beautiful creation.
  20. MIPublic

    Dryad Dray Forest Hammock —SOLD

    This is the hammock only. I used gear ties to tie it on my saddle. $125 TYD via F/F or add 3.5% for G/S if you do choose. Making a trip to the post office so I can ship tomorrow morning as long as I have payment.