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Search results

  1. MIPublic

    WTS LWCG DS.5 with mesh seat / / Sold please close

    @longbowwoman are you still looking?
  2. MIPublic

    Stabilizer, bino harness, bow sling

    I’ll take the sling. PM incoming for shipping info/etc.
  3. MIPublic

    New Gear Release 2022!

    TL taking advantage haha
  4. MIPublic

    anyone receive a flat branch saddle recently?

    At this point I believe most folks are going the route of filing a claim with Alabama Attorney General Consumer Protection Division. Sucks it has to be that way, but might be the only option. Depending on your payment method used within PayPal(credit card company) you might have luck trying to...
  5. MIPublic

    Are you afraid of heights? (POLL)

    I’m not a fan of heights. It’s gotten better over time, but I still don’t feel at ease. Loving roller coasters has helped, and starting my electrician apprenticeship has also assisted as I’m constantly up and down ladders, but I’m slow. It’s one of the reasons I love saddle hunting so much...
  6. MIPublic

    anyone receive a flat branch saddle recently?

    I think it’s about time you can start passing judgement.
  7. MIPublic

    SOLD - Please close - WTS: EWO one stick

    Free bump for a great deal
  8. MIPublic

    WTB 125 Iron Wills

    Found please close
  9. MIPublic

    Your Biggest 4 or 6 Pointers On Cam

    This guy roamed our farm for a few years in the late 2000s. He ended up getting taken by a farm up the road in 2009. Never saw him in daylight but I dreamed about many encounters with him.
  10. MIPublic

    WTB 125 Iron Wills

    Looking at changing broad beads this year. If you have any style Iron Wills in 125 shoot me a PM please, wides, bleeder/no bleeder it doesn’t matter. Only thing I can’t use is left bevel single. Thanks!
  11. MIPublic

    iso quiver

  12. MIPublic


  13. MIPublic

    Looking for advise on a tent

    Thanks for the advise everyone! I ended up snagging a Kelty Rumpus 6 on a crazy good Memorial Day sale. I reeeaaaaly wanted to pick up a 10x10 kodiak, but the price tag was too much to justify at the moment if we’re unsure if my wife is really going to love camping as much as I do. We’ll try...
  14. MIPublic

    Looking for advise on a tent

    If I’m solo camping, or camping with the guys, hammock all the way.
  15. MIPublic

    Looking for advise on a tent

    Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on posts to see if any good deals come up. I wouldn’t be opposed to larger like a 6 person. Weight isn’t really an issue either as 98% of what we’re doing is car camping in the forester. thanks for the tips!
  16. MIPublic

    Camelback thermobak 3L Sold

    Does this have a bladder, or does it need the bladder, hose and mouth piece?
  17. MIPublic

    Looking for advise on a tent

    The wife and I are looking to do some camping this summer with and I’m looking for advise on a middle of the road tent. I’m down for something nicer than the $65 Coleman tent or Costco special, but not looking to drop $700+ either, at least not right now. Needs -Sleep two people...
  18. MIPublic

    WTB Hickory Creek mini Vertical bow

    Sending a PM
  19. MIPublic

    2006 Toyota 4Runner- SOLD

    Kalamazoo I wish I had more time, but if she doesn’t sell by tomorrow afternoon she’s getting traded in. I appreciate the offer, but I have a 2015 forester ready for pickup tomorrow night after work.
  20. MIPublic

    2006 Toyota 4Runner- SOLD

    16 around town, When I pull my boat to the UP(small 16 foot lund) I’ll get 19