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  1. drew13

    Angled Solo Scout with 3-step aider for sale - SOLD, please close

    SOLD Selling my angled OOAL Solo Scout platform with attached 3 step DIY webbing aider. I have been sewing my own aiders and saddles for years so am very confident in my work but standard disclaimer - use at your own risk!!! I used this setup to one-stick/no-stick climb with last year and it...
  2. drew13

    8+2 Stepp Ladder steps for sale - CLOSE PLEASE

    Please close this thread - stepps have been traded These are the original Stepp Ladder Steps made by Jim Stepp before Wild Edge took over and started making them. I have 8 steps with new wild edge ropes - 2 of these have paracord wrap on the step part for added comfort as a ROS. Will include...
  3. drew13

    SOLD - PLEASE CLOSE Spot Hogg Real Deal 5-pin sight for sale

    For Sale - Spot Hogg Real Deal 5-pin sight - Used for 4 seasons, a little surface rust on the screws but in good shape - Right handed - Sight light included - Large size sight ring - .019 sized fiber optic pins $65 TYD in continental US. PayPal only.
  4. drew13

    SOLD. Please Close. Climb Right aluminum spurs for sale

    Climb Right aluminum spurs for sale with big buck pads and tree gaffs. In very good condition. Leather is a little blackened from activated charcoal for scent control. Work great, I just don’t have any private land to use them. $185 TYD PayPal.
  5. drew13

    DIY Saddle testing methods and equipment

    A lot of good-looking DIY saddles are being made these days - I've even made a couple myself. I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a good way to test a saddle at home with easily accessible/obtainable items as I don't own a tractor, forklift or other industrial equipment and I don't...
  6. drew13

    Tethrd Predator Platform SOLD

    SOLD Selling my Predator Platform. It is in great condition, nothing wrong with it. Used it on 3 hunts and found that I really prefer my ring of steps. $160 TYD in the US. PayPal friends and family or add 3% for regular PayPal. I can mail it on Tuesday.
  7. drew13

    Stepps + Cranford platform

    Really liking the knaider/swaider with my Stepps and was trying to come up with an easy way to put an extra step or two onto the rope of my top stepp to make a ring of steps as a platform. I didn’t want to thread ameristeps or other strap-on steps on the rope as it makes it harder to install...
  8. drew13

    Aero Hunter Evolution size 1 for sale

    I am selling my Aero Hunter Evolution kit, size 1. Used for 2 seasons, it is in very good shape. Has a fixed bridge that is about 20" now but has some rope left to make it another 8" or 10" longer. Also did some work on silencing the buckles and plates. With original Yale bandit linemans belt...
  9. drew13

    Climb Rite aluminum tree spurs for sale

    This has been a tough call, but I've decided to sell my climb rite aluminum tree spurs with super climber pads. I just got these last year and used them about 5 or 6 times. I like them a lot and can see why the guys on here say they're the best climbing method, bar none. But I just don't have...
  10. drew13

    Ozone and scentlok

    Pretty sure I've read all of the ozone and scentlok care threads threads on here and I still have a question... What is the best way to use ozone to regenerate scentlok? Ozone gas only? Ozone gas then wash? Ozone infused in wash water? Thoughts and experiences? Thanks, Drew Sent from my...
  11. drew13

    Night Ize Gear Ties - securing your gear

    I don't recall this being mentioned and wanted to share... I've been using these Night Ize Gear Ties which are essentially rubber-coated, heavy duty twist ties for securing gear and they've been working out great so far. You can find them all over the place - amazon, HD, etc...
  12. drew13

    Perfect pouches for Evo?

    I have hunted out of an ambush tree saddle for years but just recently got the new tribe evolution. I liked the TS pouch ok but it wasn't perfect. For the guys who have used the Evo - what do you like for a pouch? Where best to hook it up - on the little plastic hook or the fabric gear loop...
  13. drew13

    Hunting Beast videos

    Hi guys - I know some of you are familiar with Dan Infalt, his Hunting Beast website and buck bed hunting tactics. I just got his Hill Country Bucks video and even though I've read a lot about buck bedding, tactics, etc - I still learned a lot of good info. I definitely recommend it. A...