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  1. drew13

    Anytree Outdoors

    Interesting. Let us know what you think of the aider. With all long aiders, I think using your lineman's belt properly is key to lateral stability. If you are 1-sticking with it then that would mean you would use both your LB and your tether/rap rope. What I have been playing with is very...
  2. drew13

    Anytree Outdoors

    Made a DIY version of my own to try to make it smaller/more packable. My tree strap stirrups were not easy to get feet into. Haven’t given up yet but the season has started now so not as much time for these kinds of projects. I think this can work as a climbing system if you get the foot loops...
  3. drew13

    Eastern Woods Outdoors Delivers!

    Does anyone else save the orange rubber bands from EWO? I have a decent collection from my orders and keep them like they’re some kind of collectors item!!! I don’t know why. Am I the only crazy one????
  4. drew13

    Falling backwards?

    It’s not a feeling I’ve ever had in a saddle. When you lean against a table do you feel like you’re going to go over backwards? Same kind of idea I guess.
  5. drew13

    Huntarmor Saddle

    Yikes. I’d steer clear of that.
  6. drew13

    Tether for aider

    Replace the strap with daisy chain webbing and the hook with a delta link.
  7. drew13

    Tide for cover sent

    I agree with what Tom said - incidental odors like laundry detergent don’t spook deer, human odor does. People use ozone and smoke for odor reduction and cover scent and it works - not 100%, but it does work. Deer smell it, so hey know it’s there and some deer are fine with it, some spook and...
  8. drew13

    New lineman’s belt

    Sterling HTP is pretty stiff.
  9. drew13

    Mini 1-stick with platform for sale - SOLD. PLEASE CLOSE

    Selling the mini 1-stick with platform I made and used for a few hunts last year. I prefer to use a ROS so sticking with my other 1-stick without a platform. 13” tall stick made from Hawk Helium tube and bottom folding double steps OOAL Flat Scout platform on top EWO standoffs Harken cam cleat...
  10. drew13

    I can't believe that worked moment.

    Climbing a rope using SRT. Don’t get me wrong, getting the rope up and all that was a pain, but once I hooked up I was amazed at how quickly, quietly and easily I got up the tree.
  11. drew13


    Already a thread about this - check it out: https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/the-sladder%E2%80%A6-absolute-best-climbing-method.46620/
  12. drew13

    Hot deer feeding sign video

  13. drew13

    Helium onestick

    I have 2 shorty 1-sticks made from heliums. One is like 12” and one about 18”. Work great for me. No problems.
  14. drew13

    Things you tried, wish it worked for you, but didn't?

    Ha!!! I sold you my ANGLED scout so I could get a FLAT one! I just like the foot/ankle position better on the flat scout. Hope you're enjoying yours!
  15. drew13

    'Fess Up, Who Hunts out of a Prius?

    Just looked it all up and I overstated a bit: 1750 lbs towing capacity 8.1” of ground clearance 38/41 mpg (I usually get about 39.5) Mine is a 2019 but the new ones have the same specs. I do not have a plug-in hybrid (prime model).
  16. drew13

    'Fess Up, Who Hunts out of a Prius?

    2000 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. drew13

    'Fess Up, Who Hunts out of a Prius?

    I’ve not experienced that at all and have well exceeded the speed limit a time or two.
  18. drew13

    'Fess Up, Who Hunts out of a Prius?

    X2 on RAV4 Hybrid. 40 mpg, awd and clearance is almost the same as the Nissan Frontier I had before it.
  19. drew13

    Things you tried, wish it worked for you, but didn't?

    Did you guys try putting a couple of ROS steps on the scout strap? Made a big difference for me.
  20. drew13

    For anyone that doesn’t like to climb with a platform or tree stand on your back

    I like this thought but I can see you’re using a Doyle’s hoist (I do too) and I foresee a difficulty…. When you pull up your stand/platform and let go of the hoist rope to attach it, won’t your bow lower back down to the ground?