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    Thought I got rid of the last of my Ameristeps a couple weeks ago, but ended up finding more in another tote of stuff I had. Selling 2 used Ameristeps without straps. Date stamp is '01. $30 TYD PayPal
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    Decided to dump the last of my Ameristeps as I do not see myself needing them anymore. Hope I don't regret it........grab them before I change my mind! 4 steps.....one '02, one '05 and two from prior to date stamping. $60 shipped TYD....Paypal
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    Ameristeps **SOLD**

    I found two Ameristeps laying around in my stuff that I do not need anymore. These are pre-recall as they do not have any dates stamped on them. $35 shipped TYD Paypal.
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    EZ Kut Bolts and Drill bit **SOLD**

    I've had these laying around for several years thinking I would use them more, but honestly I think they only went in a tree a couple times. 12 bolts, cordless drill bit, and camo pouch.....$50 shipped tyd PayPal.
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    Ameristeps -SOLD

    Here you go guys....what everyone is looking for. I have a dozen used Ameristeps I'm ready to part with. No recall steps in this bunch.....a couple are early models with no stamp, a few '02 and some '05 date stamps. I'd like to sell these in groups of four, or the whole lot together. Price...
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    John Eberhart video set -SOLD

    Looking to sell a complete set of John's three Pressured Whitetail scouting videos. Great condition. $22 shipped tyd PayPal.
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    Knee Pads

    Looking to sell a set of like new McGuire Nicholas tactical knee pads. I don't recall that these ever made it into the woods....think I tried them a time or two in the yard. $15 tyd PayPal
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    Another from Michigan

    Hey all.....been lurking since the site started up as I've dabbled in and out of saddles for about 15 years now. Some may also recognize me from AT or the Hunting Beast. To be honest though, the main reason I joined was to get rid of a few things that would be best used by you Saddle hunters...