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  1. Vtbow

    WTB original, unmolested arc ladder please close

    Sold mine a couple of years ago...want to try a couple things. Please let me know if you have one youd be willing to sell. Thanks!
  2. Vtbow

    Golite Cave Tarp/Shelter

    Good condition golite cave tarp. This is the same as the "ray's Way" tarp. Ultralight and a ton of coverage for the size and weight. Can be pitched low and tight, or wider, or high... super versatile. It has been seam sealed. Original 10 stakes and instructions printed on tyvek included. weights...
  3. Vtbow

    BPWD sloped walled net tent 1 Sold please close.

    Standard Bear paw wilderness designs standard sloped wall net tent 1. Very good condition. $85 tyd via paypal No stakes, poles, or cord. Specs: https://www.bearpawwd.com/net_tents/net_tents.php#walled%20net%20tent
  4. Vtbow

    Integral designs silshelter

    Like new integral designs silshelter. Ultralight and versatile, can be setup high, or tight to the ground. Door is simple overlap setup. 1 or 3 pole setup, also has hang loops. Perfect to throw in your pack just in case, or for glassing. $150 tyd via paypal No stakes or poles.
  5. Vtbow

    Six moon designs serenity net tent

    Excellent condition. $115 tyd via Paypal. No stakes or pole included specs here: https://www.sixmoondesigns.com/products/serenity-nettent
  6. Vtbow

    3rivers taper tool

    Used for about a dozen shafts. $25 tyd via paypal f&f.
  7. Vtbow

    Golite Hex 3 Tipi tent

    Excellent condition, one small rip in stuff sack that I seam gripped. Includes some stakes, original pole, extra guyline and stuff sack. Shelter 1.12oz, pole 14oz . Original directions and hang tag included. 9 "Y" stakes. $200tyd via paypal. Perfect candidate for a stove jack install....
  8. Vtbow

    Seek Outside Uturn Titanium tent stove SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Seek Outside Large Uturn stove for sale. Superlight setup. No pipe included. It's been burned in, that's it. $SOLD.
  9. Vtbow

    GoLite Shangri-la 2 with nest and bathtub floor SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Excellent condition. Nest is BRAND NEW. I will include 2 six moon designs poles that work well with it. Pics show weight of each component. The tarp itself is weighted with the included 8 stakes. I will try to take some pics of it setup at lunch when the grass has dried out. This is a great 4...
  10. Vtbow

    Zero Tolerance Anso 0230 Carbon Fiber Slip joint knife

    Like new, never carried Zero Tolerance Anso 0230 Carbon Fiber. Sheepsfoot blade. In box. Includes ZT bead/lanyard. Specs can be found here: https://www.bladehq.com/item--Zero-Tolerance-Anso-0230-Slip-Joint--103247 $150 TYD via paypal F&F
  11. Vtbow

    PSE RAVEN by Jeffrey Archery takedown recurve $150

    Well I partially tore the A3 pulley in my right hand ring finger and unfortunately dont see myself shooting a ton of trad in the near future...and I have plenty of bows. so.... Nice PSE Raven 3 piece recurve. This was made by Jeffery archery and is the same as their "royal hunter" from...
  12. Vtbow

    LW Assasin, modified sniper sling, and 4 lw/novix minis SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Original assasin, excellent condition. Sniper sling modified by CGM with nice oversized linemans loops. 4 mini sticks, original brand new straps. The hardware is all from full length LW sticks, and put on Novix mini tubing. $450 tyd via paypal f&f. Pics will be uploaded tonight.
  13. Vtbow

    Upgraded Swiss Army Knife Pioneer. Ti scale, pocket clip, more...

    93mm Torx pivot upgrades, stone washed tools, a titanium scale with a pocket clip. Pretty sure it has a spring upgrade as well, everything snaps and holds real tight.. Very nicely done but I not sure of the modder. $100tyd via paypal f&F
  14. Vtbow

    Kifaru Supertarp W/Annex with stove jack SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    This is a bomber shelter, just going a different direction. Excellent condition, seam sealed. Includes tie in annex with stove jack. No stakes or poles. I didn't have the pole length correct in the picture(it was about to rain), the annex pitches better than that for sure. SOLD TYD via paypal F&F.
  15. Vtbow

    WTB- Seek Outside Breakaway Tarp

    This is a long shot, but looking for an older SO breakaway tarp with annex. They haven't made these for a long time. Please let me know if you have one you would be willing to part with. Thanks!
  16. Vtbow

    Lite Outdoors titanium tent stove

    Good condition. 12" stove, 5' pipe. Spark arrestor. As pictured. $200 tyd via paypal f&f
  17. Vtbow

    WTS - Vasque Sundowner GTX sz 11.5 Boot, like new Sold please close

    Vasque Sundowner GTX sz 11.5 Boots Like New. These have been worn like once, maybe 30 minutes. Excellent condition. These are very hard to find and a great boot, my Asolo's just fit better and I find I need a full height boot. $180 $115 TYD via paypal F&F.
  18. Vtbow

    Mora knife build

    Inspired by @Red Beard I decided to make a mora knife handle for my son's 7th birthday. It's a combo of maple, black walnut and carbon fiber. Picture heavy....
  19. Vtbow

    Canon T90 Professional 35mm Film outfit

    I've finally come to the sad realization I'm never going to shoot film again...SO its time to part ways with my beloved Canon T90. Here's whats in the bag, I'll have more details and pics to follow, still going through my gear bags. If you are genuinely interested feel free to message me...
  20. Vtbow

    Wool Jacekt and pants set in Adirondack Plaid sale SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Excellent condition set of Adirondack plaid wool jacket and pants. -Jacket is a size large Johnson woolen mills double cape jack shirt these retail for $260 https://johnsonwoolenmills.com/product/jac-shirts/) -Pants are woorich and marked size 36, fit me great and I wear right around a 34"...