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  1. NavyVet88'

    Muddy prosticks for sale

    Older set of 4 Muddy sticks (brown tubing) Bought this season, changed to beast sticks. Added cam tape to tubes. $135 tyd Will send photos if interested.
  2. NavyVet88'

    Muddy Pro Sticks noise problem

    Hey everyone, I recently purchase a set of used Pro Sticks that I used Monday on a hunt and noticed there's considerable noise while climbing coming from the dual steps. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated ! I am going to disassemble and replace the nylon washers at the attachment point...
  3. NavyVet88'

    Hoyt Alphaburner

    Bow 60-70 draw weight, set at 28.5" draw new strings w/150 arrows shot 65% let off HHA single pin adjustable sight Trophy Ridge drop away rest 4 arrow detachable quiver 6 Bemman 340 shaft arrows cut to 28.5" I have a couple of muzzy 3 blade fixed broadheads as well 125gr. Harvest 2 bucks & 4...
  4. NavyVet88'

    Seeking advise

    Looking to paint the carbon fiber riser on my Hoyt Defiant. Looking to see if anyone else has tried ? What preparations are required? What type of primer and paint would last under all weather hunting conditions ? Currently riser is black carbon finish. Looking to reproduce the under amour...