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  1. Bigterp

    Deer Processor near Harford Co MD

    Looking for a recommendation for local processor. Someone mentioned KCC Natural farms in Forest Hill. Anyone else?? @Skunkworkx is looking….
  2. Bigterp

    Live from the saddle 2022

    So my last year started with 2 guys setting up right on top of me & this year wasn’t much better. Who has open season still left in January & how much? Let’s see those live setups…..
  3. Bigterp

    Adjustable bridge $30 tyd

    Bought this from @TerryP92 about a week ago , it’s basically new condition. I run a fairly long bridge & this is about 1.5-2” short for me could probably get that with an extra carabiner. But I’ll send it down the road for a better fit. $30 tyd
  4. Bigterp

    WTS/WTT Aero Shrike Sz2 KEEPING

    Hunted in for an evening sit, no marks or wear. Will include everything that came in the box. Was $289 shipped Wtt Kite sz2 plus $ , camera something a little nicer than a handy cam…(I’ll put in whatever to get right) .Or WTS $260 plus fees Tyd.
  5. Bigterp

    Aero Shrike shipping

    For all you tracking nerds, label created looks like it’ll be here by end of the week.
  6. Bigterp

    WTS Dryad Mutiny LB $85tyd sold

    Like the title says, this would be a good solution for a DIY fleece saddle or sit drag options. Basically LB with leg straps & center belay ring. Link below $160 +shipping new ( this one is unused) https://dryadsaddles.com/shop/harnesses/harness-kits/mutiny/
  7. Bigterp

    WTS Hooyman 10’ ext saw $60tyd sold

    Bought this from a member with a plan in mind used it once & it worked great. Just don’t have enough private spots to make it useful. It’s good out of the tree for that one limb on your preset. $60tyd I’ll cover fees Below is mfr link...
  8. Bigterp

    WTS EWO Doublestep

    EWO ultralight doublestep slotted camo dipped $18tyd
  9. Bigterp

    New Aero Saddle Shrike

  10. Bigterp

    WTS platforms UP & Scout SOLD

    EWO UP platform with bolts, excellent condition ( save yourself some lead time & shipping) $125 TYD you pay PayPal fees OOAL Flat scout for 1” stick $60 TYD Will post pics midday
  11. Bigterp

    WTS Shikar FXD 14” onestick $130tyd SOLD

    Catch & release, just got these today from another member. They appear unsused & are mint. Top stick has angled scout 3 sticks total no straps. Really cool, they’re stout for the size. Bought them for my son but he’s 6’3” 250 lbs these are gonna be just a bit too short. They’re tapped for cam...
  12. Bigterp

    WTB LWCG DIY Ambush platform or 2 $$$

    Let me know if you had the best of intentions & it’s still sitting there….
  13. Bigterp

    WTS 2” cobra buckle $25 tyd sold

    As stated above $25 tyd I’ll cover PayPal fees & shipping
  14. Bigterp

    Original aero adj. webbing bridge

    Free to a good home you pay shipping
  15. Bigterp

    WTS Overwatch Transformer sz 2 $225tyd SOLD

    Like the title says, bottomland sz 2 not a mark on it. $225 plus PayPal fees.
  16. Bigterp

    Team 5 - 2021

    We’ll boys let’s take it to em! I shot a doe a week ago, so at least we’re not skunked!
  17. Bigterp

    WTS Heater Body Suit $180 SOLD

    $180 plus g&s fees, I’ll split shipping with you. It’s sz XTW Realtree extra, windproof, water resistant. Been stored/ transported in a large tote as not to crush the insulation. It has 2 slits cut in it to wear your saddle internally & just run I second bridge with one side on a carabiner. A...
  18. Bigterp

    SaddleHunter Yard Sale

    Ok All prices TYD plus’s PayPal fees(take note on the nib EWO stuff saved ya some shipping) Water bottle pouch, aka rope/safeguard holder new in pack from EWO, $18 tyd Battle belt & inner linesman belt , both sz large, green , new in pack from EWO $55 Doyle’s hoist , new in pack ( just...
  19. Bigterp

    Maryland Saddle Shootout LIVE 2021

    Hey guys @Adrena123 is helping me host the event again this year. Last year was canceled b/c of state meeting restrictions on public land. https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/maryland-saddle-shootout-live-2020-cancelled.13337/ This year we have a great venue at a local archery...
  20. Bigterp

    WTS Vortex Crossfire II 4-12 x 44 w/rings $140 TYD

    New in box Vortex scope with Leupold high rings. Bought a pair of these for a project & traded one of the guns….. good inexpensive setup for someone.