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    Wtb trophyline platow pack- found please close

    Wondering if anyone has a platow pack they're willing to get rid of before I order one. Thanks
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    I lost my best hunting buddy.

    Sorry for your loss. I know how you feel, lost my best friend and tracking buddy earlier this summer, after 14 years. Sounds like she was an amazing dog, and you'll always have those memories to look back on.
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    Latitude Method giveaway!

    Subscribed. Some good videos. Thanks for the chance at the saddle
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    Team 10

    Congratulations! Contest or not, that's the highest points and a winner in my book!
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    SOLD DIY stick components SOLD

    Pm sent
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    Which scent free detergent do you use?

    I've been using baking soda and adding a little of the green hunters specialties body wash for the past few years. I wash after all my under layers after every sit. My outer layers get washed occasionally but get ozone bath after a few hunts, unless they get real dirty or blow stained, then...
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    Team 10

    I'd choose option 2. Don't overlook up close also, depending on terrain. I used to hunt a 100 acre public parcel that backed up to a river. Nobody would hunt deep, or close to the road. Most would go around half way back where it switched from hardwoods to cedars and open lower swails. I found a...
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    I wondered about renewing also. I'm not on Tapatalk but couldn't figure it out on my phone. Haven't tried my laptop yet.
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    Team 10

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    Team 10

    I used to have a lab that was an awesome tracker. First year without him so I figured I'd better make sure my shots count lol. I switched to kudu points this year. Didn't go super crazy on the heavy arrow thing though. Pretty impressed with them, a lot internal damage and caught the back...
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    Team 10

    Thanks, he went about 35 yards.
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    Team 10

    @hokiehunter373, yours looks like a monster compared to mine by looking at the pics. Maybe my scale is off a little but either way, I'd guess yours to be around 200#. Here's a couple other pics
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    Team 10

    Thanks! He's a tank @175 lbs dressed. Don't normally see them this heavy over here.
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    Team 10

    Added some points for us.
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    2020 Contest Submission Thread

    13 points for team 10, 8 pt
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    Newbie in TC, Michigan

    Welcome from Beaver Island
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    Wtb kuiu pro bino harness

    Looking for a large kuiu pro hino harness. Vias camo preferred but not a must. Thanks
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    Another Michigander checking in.

    Welcome from Beaver island and good luck this season
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    Team 10

    Opening day for me tomorrow. Supposed to rain and blow but you never know. I'm off all day so at some point, I'll be out.
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    Bino harness for big guys

    Thanks. I'll check that one out also