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  1. H

    Adding additional strap to one stick at hunting height.

    I’m staring to piece together a one sticking setup. I am debating going with a stick with built in platform vs a lighter stick used in conjunction with my tethrd predator. My biggest reason leaning towards utilizing the predator is because how solid it is when camed into tree vs the movement...
  2. blewis5289

    Platform Attachment

    Is anyone using Amsteel daisy chain to attach your platform? Any tricks to making it tight? I am running the Seeker platform and want to ditch the buckle straps but am struggling getting it tight enough. Thanks in advance!
  3. Slicknick630

    I made my own Predator Platform pack!

    So I have always wanted to start making some of my own gear for really anything from hunting to just storing stuff. I have been wanting to get the hys strap and the predator pack but figured why not just try to make it my self with my new sewing machine. Some nylon strap and 600d cordura later...
  4. Camacho

    SOLD: LW Hand Climber (seat only, no mods) $150

    As stated, I want to sell my Lone Wolf Hand Climber seat. I used it as a platform a few hunts last season and am going with a different option this year. It is still a great platform It is totally stock, no mods, nothing wrong with it at all. $150 TYD (within reason. . .) and buyer pays any...
  5. R

    WTB Platform - found CLOSE

    I'm looking for a new platform. Ideally a Tethrd XL platform, but am open to other platforms.
  6. C

    Kydex platform holder

    I was wanting to be able to get my platform off my pack frame with out taking it off once I’m up in the tree and since they don’t make a XL platform pack I had to improvise. It holds the platform pretty tight so it doesn’t rattle while walking.
  7. Coathanger15

    WTT treehopper Recon for platform

    Used twice just not for me. Took off coating on buckles. Webbing bridge. Would love to try a platform. What do you have?
  8. TonyGreenway

    Please Remove-SOLD-Tethrd Kit

    Local pick up or buyer pays shipping. Tethrd Kit - $635 Tethrd Mantis - XL - $200 Lineman belt w/ Ascent Lite carabiner, Swabisch prusik & handmade tender - $50 Lineman belt w/ Ropeman 1 and Ascent Lite carabiner - $80 Wild Country Ascent Lite carabiner- $10 SYS Hauler - $10 SYS Hauler ES...
  9. Mfox2

    SOLD - Please Close - The Solo Scout - $85

    Looking to get one that is flat instead of the angle. Some guys like the angle but I'm used to flat. $85 shipped to you. Comes with original strap unused and original paperwork and order information for any warranty.
  10. J

    WTS Tethrd Predator Platform Gen 2 -- SOLD, please close

    $180 to your door OBO. Gen 2 Predator Platform. Used the last two seasons, a couple dozen hunts with it. Will include original cam buckle strap. DIY sponge camo paint job. Has a Lone Wolf bracket, which I've found bites the tree better. I also have a new DanO bracket that I haven't gotten around...
  11. K

    Tree hopper advice

    I am a brand new saddler. Haven’t even hit the woods yet. I bought a tree hopper platform and have been practicing with it on a telephone pole in the yard every night. The lighted pole is the only suitable “tree”for practice in my yard now that it gets dark at like five... My query/question: Do...
  12. J

    Trophyline Mission Platform for sale

    $225 to your door OBO, friends and family. Used for maybe four hunts. Super nice, solid platform. Just like a smaller one I realized. Came with a slight blemish from Trophyline, near the post attachment. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  13. ShawnE

    PLEASE CLOSE WTS/WTT Lone Wolf Assassin / Arcteryx Knee Pads / EWO Pouches / Aiders

    Trade deals I'm REALLY WANTING would be an 8.5 - 9.5 lb Lone Wolf Assault with EZ hook ability and leveling bracket. *SOLD* (1) Latitude Method metal free saddle with two Latitude pouches. (Used 1 time, in brand new condition) Does NOT include tether or lineman ropes (1) *SOLD* Lone Wolf...
  14. Z

    Lone wolf hand climber as platform

    Hi everyone. I’m brand new to saddles. I have a lone wolf hand climber seat section I plan to use as a platform for the time being. I tried it today and confirmed my suspicions that it isn’t completely stable. Just curious if anyone else uses this as a platform and if you have any tips for...
  15. GreenMtHunter

    My First Hunt in a Saddle! Thoughts and feedback appre

    It was a balmy (and very windy) 70 degrees in VT. on Saturday. I woke up around 4:30am to meet my Old Man and get into our stands. At around 11:30 we departed after a quiet, yet beautiful morning amongst the foliage here in the Green Mountain State. On the way home I decided it was time to do...
  16. S

    Looking for Lone Wolf Assassin

    Looking to purchase another LW Assassin platform. If you have one please let me know, ready to purchase. Thanks.
  17. XArmy

    My DIY platform and gear strap.

    First let me say I'm brand new to saddle hunting. I've heard of it for many, many years but didn't really look into it. The past few years of getting super frustrated spending weeks scouting, painstakingly dragging stands into the woods, and setting them up only to have other hunters set up near...
  18. S

    WTB assassin platform

    Looking to buy another assassin platform, if you have one let me know. Thanks.
  19. T

    Custom Platform Suggestions

    I am a new saddle hunter and new to the page. I work at a fabrication shop so I decided to build my own platform. It’s still in the design stage so I’m looking for any input, I’d add a picture of the design but it keeps telling me the photos I take/ try to upload are too large. (If someone can...
  20. S

    sold close

    Used last season, never had an issue with this platform, just decided to get a bigger platform for this season $145 tyd Ships next day.