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2019 Deer Contest Submission Thread


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Jan 26, 2015
N Ft Myers, Florida
Well if I find him in the morning we'll have five more. I think he was an 8 point but it happened so fast all I can say is he looked like a shooter. I didn't see him till he was 30 yards away walking broadside. I drew back and settled my pin and he walked behind a tree. I had to let down and wait a minute till he started moving again he walked about ten feet and I shot him but forgot to put my lighted nocks in. It looked good I think. He ran about 50 yards and stopped. Then he started walking again last I saw of him. I got down after about thirty minutes it was almost dark. I looked for the arrow but couldn't find it or blood so I just backed out.
Gona be a long night your not allowed to camp here so I'm sleeping in my truck.
Gona rain in the am then coldfront.
83 when I shot him.
I'll sit for a couple hours in the morning then get down and look for him. Pretty thick where he was headed wish me luck.

Well bad news. Found my arrow before daylight no blood just a few white hairs. It didn't smell like gut and not even any meat on the broadhead. So guess I shot low and just gave him a belly shave.

Well today was bitter sweet. Had to go home after 5 days running around the state like a chicken with his head cut off looking for a place to hunt. One place closed one running dogs one Hurricane Michael dropped so much debris you couldn't even get through the tangled mess. Finally settled on a place I hadn't been to in 8 years and shot a really nice buck and lost him with a bad shot.
Well this morning on the last sit I thought I would go look for him one last time.
I love buzzards they are my friend. I went back where I shot him and walked the way he went into some real thick overgrown planted pines and after abojt 30 minutes I looked up and one buzzard in a tree flew then ten trees over 8 or 10 more I knew I had found him. I walked another 20 yards and there was six on him.
Needless to say I'm one happy camper.
But I will have to say I still felt kinda crummy for making a bad shot but I'm sure it won't be the last. I don't have any plans on quitting anytime soon.

WooHoo found my Swamp Donkey
So all that being said upgrade my 9 point to a ten.Still in the .

Oh ya this goes on team 4
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