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Broadhead test pack


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Oct 10, 2018
I received the kit on Friday and shot the heads I was interested in with both of my bows, one set up to shoot 640 gr arrows and the other tuned for 515 gr arrows and was really surprised with the results.

I found the arrow for the "lighter" set up bow was not capable to handle the heavier 170gr and up broadheads so I used the heavy weight tuned arrow for all shots with both bows.

The broadheads were impacting low as expected due to the 685gr and higher arrow weights with the exception of two, the 179gr Eclipse left bevel and the 200gr Bone right bevel. Both of these somehow kept the same poi as my 640gr arrow and were hitting the bullseye so I shot them multiple times to rule out me as the cause. The 200gr Grizzly was a disappointment in terms of how it behaved. It dropped 3 to 6" lower than the rest and seemed to fly where it wanted, sometimes left and sometimes right. With the Grizzly and the Bone the same weight so I expected them to group together but I guess shape and how the weight is distributed plays an important part with arrow flight.

The one I want is the 200gr Bone right bevel. I like that the head is a single chunk of machined steel as opposed to the rest which are stamped steel designs with aluminum ferrules.

A big thank you to all who donated and to @Red Beard who had the brilliant idea to do this.

I will ship the kit out to the next tester tomorrow.


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Dec 27, 2019
I received the kit last Thursday evening, but was not able to shoot anything until the weekend. In the meantime, I weighed (I think) all the heads with my current arrow setup, and spun them on my current arrows, just to play. Those big-boy setups... just....wow. Well over 700gr with some of those heads!!

I've archery hunted for over 10 years, but haven't paid nearly the attention to things as I have over the last year. I shot probably 2/3 of the heads... those single bevels kept looking at me, but I kept getting drawn back to the Magnus heads...in particular the Black Hornets and the Stinger Buzzcuts. As expected, the heavy heads shot off of my aimed target (even at only 20yds), but not far off as I was thinking. But even with the weight differences, the black hornets and stingers shot very close to the field points for me. Also, it was also really interesting to be able to hear the difference between a vented vs non-vented head.

I appreciate this kit being put together and for everyone who donated to make it possible. It was extremely helpful with testing, and gave me a lot to look at going forward. To anyone following the thread, this is definitely something to take advantage of!