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Corned Venison


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Oct 22, 2020
It’s so good, isn’t it?

I brined a few more pieces last month. I never even packaged and froze them- just left them in the brine until I wanted to cook them. The last piece brined for over two weeks and it tasted great. I don’t think you can brine them too long.
Yeah I think this is the recipe to bring around the "I don't like venison" family members. It'll definitely be a go to for me, I'm just running out of venison lol. I may try it on a smaller "steak"that was originally destined for jerky and see if a 2 day brine penetrates the same on that as a 5-6 day does on the larger/thicker ones


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Nov 5, 2019
Lewiston, Ca
When cooking, can you use a crock pot?
Yep. Cook it just like you’d cook a piece of corned beef from the store. I put some beer, potatoes, carrots, pickling spice, and then add water or broth until the meat is covered. I set the crock pot to ‘high’ when I leave in the morning and turn it down to ‘low’ when I get home from work, and it’s ready when I want to eat dinner.