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Funny MD buck story


Well-Known Member
May 21, 2019
Not a saddle buck...

Got into a field edge blind at about 130p. Around 315, a bird comes under the blind. I have those mesh windows up so it can't get out. It starts FREAKING OUT. Then it starts ramming into my head and I start freaking out. Eventually I get one of the windows open and shoo it out.

I have to laugh because it was a major commotion. It must have looked funny from the outside.

I figure I'm gonna be watching squirrels for the rest of the afternoon.

Sure enough not 10 minutes later this guy steps out. Shot him at 100 yards with my new 350 Legend. He didn't take a step.

I needed a no drama recovery for sure!Screenshot_20201205-183230_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20201205-183211_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20201205-183218_Gallery.jpgScreenshot_20201205-183158_Gallery.jpg

boyne bowhunter

Staff member
SH Member
Aug 17, 2016
A couple of years ago I was sitting with my daughter in the popup and a mouse managed to find its way inside the blind. I kind of think my daughter's reaction to it being there might have been similar to the bird's being trapped. :tearsofjoy:

Nice buck though!