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Last local buck tag


Mar 3, 2019
I missed the beginning of the rut due to work obligations. Started my “rutcation” on Monday. Yesterday, I set up on a pinch between a ridge and a creek.
The morning started quiet. I was hoping to get in early enough to watch some of the meteors. However, the sky was just starting to light up when I climbed on my platform. I bought the Trophyline platform specifically for all day sits this time of year. This was my first hunt on a platform. I normally use a ring of steps.
I hadn’t heard anything by about 830 and couldn’t hold it any longer, so I climbed down and walked about 40 yards to do some “paperwork.” Just as I get started I realize there’s a small 8 point about 12 yards away up the hill. He walks to within about 7 yards and keeps going. When he got to my ground scent, he blew and ran up the hill. Back into my tree.
About an hour later, this guy comes in head down walking fast. I let out three “meh” trying to stop him but he didn’t hear me. I let the arrow go when he was at 13 yards. Shot was a touch back but got both lungs.
Track job was complicated a little because he crossed a creek three times and then ran up the creek about 100 yards before crashing in the creek.
I had heard him run through the water, but I thought that was the sound of him running through the thick brush on either side.

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