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Ridge Runner


Jun 30, 2019
I ordered in Oct. 2nd and just received my shipping notice today. That puts them at 3 weeks not counting weekends. I called and spoke with them before I ordered and this was about what they predicted. Been hunting off a DIY I made from an old steel tree stand seat, it works but its heavy and doesn't fold. I"m pumped to try out something a little lighter and more pack-able for run and gun during the rut.
Just recieved my ship notice today too!

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May 23, 2019
Northeast Florida
@Flee @Bow13 the RR strap that comes with it is a bit over 5' in length, giving you a tree circumference of 5' for maximim tree width. you can grab any length of rope and measure 5 fee and make a circle to see how big of a tree that is, and if that will work for you. Honestly though, how many trees are you going to climb that are that big 20' in the air...
Divide circumstance by pi and you'll get diameter. 60 ~ pi= 19inch diameter tree


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Oct 14, 2014
Mini versa-strap and some stealth stripping are all that is needed.

Why add weight and extra stuff if it is not needed to increase utility?

Mini versa-strap: less weight and rock solid against the tree when set correctly. Not fiddly, not a 9 out of 10, but a 10 out of 10 rock solid.

Stealth stripping: where the adjuster knob meets the platform, to quiet any possible clanking. Posssibly more stealth stripping, depending on how you carry and deploy your ridge runner.

Anything else added needs to be weighed against the weight penalty of adding it against the perceived benefits it brings.