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What’s your camping setups for DIY hunts

I have two main camps. For long stays and road access, the Kodiak Canvas with a cot get the call. If I need to be in the back country it all pack gear on my back and where ever I stop is home. My camps are simple and fast.
I have a kodiak canvas. Flex bow. During summer time we take it family camping with stand up ac. Campsite with plug.

But hunting I take a buddy heater or a small electrical stand up heater will work as well.

I also got a 5x8 enclosed trailer but if for pulling all the stuff with tents. The cots and hunting equipment and stuff to cook.


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Cant get them turned but it’s simple. I’m planning on adding a early season hammock set up this year


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A couple of my rigs


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Truck bed camping is pretty much like sleeping in the back of an SUV, and I've spent way too much time doing that. It works and for me was super cheap since my first car was a gmc suburban, but it has major drawbacks.

First is that you're sacrificing space for hauling clothes, weapons, coolers, and other gear because you need about a 2.5×6 foot area to lay down. That's half of your space or better just gone. Even sleeping on a cot or building a platform so you can store stuff under you only gets you so much because at most you can have a foot of vertical space without mashing yourself into the roof.

2nd is that it's a pain and a half to have to get dressed and cook/eat if the weather is less than pristine. Crawling into the back of a truck when it's raining and cold to try and shed wet clothes and muddy boots in the area you're sleeping sucks the first night and REALLY sucks the 2nd night.

Like I said, I've done it a lot. It works good for quick hunts and overnight scouting trips when the weather is nice. But I got to the point where instead of setting up the rear for sleeping I just leaned the seat back. If you've got money for a camper shell you've got the money to buy a canopy tent and actually be comfortable, and it takes all of 5 minutes to set that up solo. Me and a buddy can both sleep comfortable on cots with some 3" thick memory foam pads, and in the morning we can stand up, stretch, and get dressed and have breakfast even if it's pouring rain. If we've got electricity i have a heater, a box fan or two, a boot dryer, and a cord to charge phones and other goodies.
What kind of canopy tent are you talking about?

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I put together a new camping kit for the 2021 moose hunt. We hunt about 10 km (6 miles for you folks south of the border) in the back country, but there are tight logging/atv tracks so we hauled in all the gear using an ATV and a small trailer for a long weekend hunting/scouting trip. Also use the tent for the moose gun hunt (9 days) since we rent a small island, but the cabin is tiny so won't hold all the guys.

The tent is a Cabela's Instinct Alaskan Guide 6-person model. It's a two person for two hunters with gear. Gotta love the optimistic rankings the tent companies use....6 person? Maybe if you all sleep in the same bag, and that ain't happenin'. LOL The tent is a 4 season, so works well in cold weather or if we get an unexpected snow storm late in the fall. Since all mesh windows/doors have full zip covers, it holds heat well. Got a small Mr Buddy tent heater for the colder weather, but never had to use it this year. To maximize space in the tent for gear and when the weather sucks, I got a Disc-O-Bed cot unit....bunk bed cots. Works great.....got the XL version so lots of space to stretch out for two guys. Not something you would pack in at around 70lbs for the bunk, but if you haul in, highly recommended!

Next year, I plan to haul in by ATV and camp for a week for the whole archery moose hunting week along with using the tent/cots for the 8 day gun hunt later the same month.

Here's a few pics of the tent and how we hauled in, and the view from where we set upCampingHunting-2021-10-05-101100_002.jpeg:CampingHunting-2021-10-05-101610_002.jpegCampingHunting-2021-10-05-101526_005.jpeg
Here is some more info on the Disc-O-Bed bunk-bed cot system I use. Sold my large Cabelas cot as a result of getting these.

They are very versatile....you can stack 'em, just use one cot or use two cots side by each. They come with really nice carry cases and are easy to put up. Takes me about 10-15 minutes to set up the full stacked system, taking my time. Very stable and comfortable. But as I mentioned, way too heavy to pack in if you are doing a backpack hunt. But awesome if you can haul in.

These cots are supposedly used by the military and relief organizations, and having used them this past hunting season, I can see why.

I actually bought mine from Costco.....the XL model was cheaper there than anywhere else, including Amazon, and came with some extras thrown in at no charge (foot pads and extensions that raise the top bunk to give the guy on the bottom more headroom).
Getting that time off year again wanted to revive my previous thread and see what you guys setups are for This year. I travel for work a lot now so really looking into a good diy idea setup that I can fit in my truck when I’m on the road.
Are you looking for a "backpack-able" setup, or a just truck setup? I built mine on the premise of being able to backpack it and only worry about one setup.
My setup is mostly for the 9 day rifle season here in Wisconsin. A hub style tent, two cots with a memory foam topper, big Mr. Buddy heater, camp stove with propane to last the 9 days. For a one man setup its hard to beat a hub style tent with a nice cot, everything is quick up and quick to tear down.


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This what I take most of the time, but I have slept in the back of the truck quite a bit with an air mattress, or if we're packing in, either the Eureka tent or a tarp, but it depends on the weather too.IMG-8069.jpgIMG-8069.jpg
I just picked up a 12v 100ah LifePo4 Battery with bluetooth to power gps kayak motor. This thread got me thinking, I think this bad boy will power a heated blanket for a night or two for the late December ML hunt without monoxiding myself to a perm slumber like some of these tent/heater jobs.

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