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    1. nicholas buck
      nicholas buck
      Part 2:
      Where you live at in Ohio or out of state. Since all the guys I hunt with are pretty lazy and never scout for ne new spots I was trying to find a guy to do some serious scouting down in SE with before green up
    2. nicholas buck
      nicholas buck
      That's not very far from my deer camp at all. I hunt a lot of public in the area too mostly wane nat'l but this year I want to find some solid spots in zeleski. I never hear any good or bad about that place and am curious to checkit out
      1. flinginairos
        No kiddin. I haven't hunted any public around but there is a good bit of it and I'm sure it's good hunting. I was wanting to hit the Shade River forest pretty soon and shed hunt. We have a 160 acre lease that is OK but not great. I may venture off it and hunt some public this year. I live in WV so I have about a 2.5 hr drive over. If you need a scouting partner some time give me a holler and if I can i'll come over!
        Jan 18, 2017
    3. nicholas buck
      nicholas buck

      Where you hunt in south east ohio? I am over in Athens county by lake hope
      1. flinginairos
        I am in Meigs Co very close to Forked Run park and right on the Shade River. We also had a place outside of Rutland but lost it due to clear cutting.
        Jan 17, 2017
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