S01E05 – John Eberhart

On this episode we’re talking all things Saddle Hunting with John Eberhart. You’ll hear some stories never before told ANYWHERE! If you don’t know about the Godfather of Saddle Hunting, John Eberhart, this episode will get started down the right path. We talk climbing methods, and platforms, and saddle setups, and safety, and tips and […]

S01E03 – Saddle Hunting 101 – Part 1

On this episode we’re talking Saddle Hunting 101. We’re talking tethers, and bridges, and ropemans, and aiders, and spurs, and platforms, and all things Saddle Hunting. Hook up your tethers and clip in your carabiners, this is gonna be A LOT OF information coming your way! Not only are we diving into the nuts and […]