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    Fellow saddle or harness users

    Hey guys

    I'm beginning a new venture in my life and have been extremely busy getting it prepared and getting my website totally updated: or

    Will be starting a 2 day in-field/classroom Whitetail Workshop and will travel to scout properties and below is the abbreviated information and more detail is on the website (still a work in progress).

    Here is the verbiage from the workshop page:

    Eberhart’s Whitetail Workshops are NOT land manipulation workshops, they are educational workshops for all hunters with the desire to take trophy bucks whether hunting public land, free permission, family owned, leased, managed or previously manipulated properties, or even if travel hunting to other states.

    Many hunters spend $1,000 or more of their hard earned money every year on upgrading their hunting equipment, buying advertised gadgets seen on TV, vehicle upkeep and gas with the thought process that it will make them more successful; and that can’t be farther from the truth. There’s an old saying that’s very true, “it’s not the bow, it’s the Indian”. BECOME THAT INDIAN!!!

    There is also the aspect of utilizing time to its full potential. Scouting, location preparation, practicing, hunting and even traveling to hunt all consume the limited free time many hunters have, especially those with young families. Free time is not only precious; it has value. John’s 53 years of experience and knowledge will show in detail how to utilize your time to its fullest potential to make you a much more successful hunter. This one time investment of attending one of John’s workshops will insure your lifelong skill and hunting success.

    Each Workshop will be a 2 day in-field/classroom event with the in-field day taking place on a 170 acre free permission farm consisting of only 37 acres of timber and swamp. John resides about 30 miles from the property and there are 2 other hunters living within a mile of it that have hunted it for years. John’s hunted the property since 2007 and to date has taken 5 record book bucks from it and the other hunters have taken none. He has 11 stand sites prepared with a strategic seasonal and daily plan for each and each site will be visited and explained in detail concerning stand height, shooting lanes, entry and exit routes, how a total scent control regiment affects success, and much more.

    The in-classroom seminar will detail John’s scent control regiment, tools used for location preparation, gear to take hunting, daily and seasonal hunting strategies and techniques, hunting within bedding areas, primary scrape areas, how, when and under what circumstances to use fake tactics, the importance of patience and every other topic imaginable. Of course John will welcome all questions as he feels there is no hunting situation he hasn’t dealt with during his 53 seasons.

    John’s qualifications are that he has 30 bucks in CBM’s record book from 19 different properties in 10 different counties and has taken 19 P&Y class bucks on his 21 out of state bow hunts from 13 different properties in 5 states. The main qualifier is that John’s never paid a dime to hunt anywhere, choosing to exclusively hunt heavily pressured public land, free walk-on, and knock on doors for free permission properties without using bait.

    It’s a non-disputable fact that once you learn the skills to take mature bucks in heavily pressured areas, you can go absolutely anywhere with those skills and successfully pursue the best bucks the area has to offer.

    To sum up what these workshops are about, no matter what weapon you use; if:

    -You hunt public land and struggle to see, let alone take bucks, and feel lost trying to figure out hunting properties where there’s tons of competition
    -You’re a dedicated hunter that was mentored with old school hunting methods and you struggle at taking mature bucks
    -You’re a hunter that has relied on the expense and routine of hauling bait to see deer
    -You’ve spent thousands of dollars in support of land manipulation and quality deer management, yet struggle to kill the big bucks caught on your motion cameras
    -You’re a passionate hunter but can’t seem to get a handle on what to do and when and where to do it
    -You hunt the same few stands all season and wonder why you never see the big boys
    -You get nighttime motion camera photos of big bucks yet struggle to get daytime opportunities
    -You get winded or your scent control is such that you have to hunt according to wind direction
    -You’re simply new to deer hunting

    If you fall under any of the above categories or have other issues hampering your success, the training and skillset you obtain by attending a workshop will allow you to finish putting the deer hunting puzzle together. Hunting mature bucks is like a big puzzle and the more severe the hunting pressure, the more complex and difficult the puzzle. But no matter the difficulty, the pieces will fit together. My goal is for you to learn the skills to be successful in pressured areas. Once that’s accomplished you can go absolutely anywhere in any state in the country and consistently put yourself on the best bucks the area has to offer.

    I want deer to fear the moment you show up!


    2017 Eberhart Whitetail Workshop dates and costs:

    Weekend Workshops will be held near Edmore Michigan and the tentative dates are: July 15-16, July 29-30, August 12-13, August 19-20, and September 23-24

    Each 2 day in-field/classroom Workshop event will cost $600

    Lodging and meals not included

    Call John in evenings or on weekends at 989-644-6067 or e-mail John at to schedule an available event date.

    Payments are non-refundable but John will be happy to schedule you on a future date

    Here is what the Scouting properties page will look like:

    Scouting Properties page

    An avid hunter can spend hundreds to thousands of dollars each year on a hunting related vehicle, quad, gas, and hunting equipment, and will spend at least a couple hundred hours of time scouting, preparing locations, and hunting. Why, because like me, it’s their passion?

    Many of those same hunters get motion pictures or know of big bucks on the property they hunt, yet fail to punch a tag on a mature buck. Are you one of those hunters? Proper scouting, location preparation, knowing when and where to do what, and having a seasonal and daily plan of attack are the foundations for future successes.

    Whether you hunt public land, free permission, family owned, leased, managed or previously manipulated property or properties; let John scout the property and create a strategic plan to make you a serious threat to the mature bucks you want to kill. After all, over his 53 seasons he’s scouted 17 different parcels of public land and several dozen free permission properties in Michigan and has taken around 60 mature bucks from them and has scouted 13 properties on his 21 out of state trips and has taken 19 mature bucks from them.

    A full day of scouting would consist of; scouting for new locations, assessing your current locations and how their prepared, proper location preparation of tree, shooting lanes and entry and exit routes, assessing the property your hunting and the surrounding areas hunting pressure and how it may affect where on the property and how you need to hunt, teaching a total scent control regiment, showing tools used for location preparation, discussing daily and seasonal hunting strategies and techniques, scouting bedding areas, discussing if and where to use motion cameras, locating natural food sources, locating any primary scrape areas, discussing how when and under what circumstances to use fake tactics (calls and decoys), importance of being patient, and every other topic imaginable that has to do with making you a dangerous threat and finalizing your opportunities by putting punched tags on mature bucks. And if you bait my goal would also be ween you from it.

    John has the experience and knowledge to show you how to utilize whatever property you have access to, to its full potential and will welcome all questions as he feels there is no hunting situation he hasn’t dealt with during his 53 seasons.

    Act now and contact John to discuss your personal hunting situation.

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    I so want to go to this!

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    I'm in!! Making my plans. I wish i could of had this oppurtunity years ago!

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    Talked with John, this morning !! This is going to be a great opportunity ! I've set up for the first weekend in Aug. Really great guy to talk to, very informative.

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    Just wish it could be closer to mississippi

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