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Recent content by Airborneduckhunter

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    WTS - Amsteel Daisy Chains & Versa Aider

    I’ll take the Treehoppers
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    QAD Ultrarest HDX For Sale or Trade SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Brand New in Box. RH model. Blue in color. $125 or trade. Open for negotiation lol
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    Saddle for Soldier

    Thank you Treehopper for just being awesome and for your support.
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    WTS Mathews 6 Arrow Web

    Still available?
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    Bad news for YouTube Channels

    I found this today. Looks like YouTube has decided to stop paying hunting channels. This is a long video podcast from Fishing After Dark posted yesterday. Skip to 5:25 mark to get into the meat and potatoes.
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    Does anyone make a spacer for Hawk Helium sticks? Looking for spacers to give more stand-off between tree and stick. Anyone know of anything like that?
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    Mad Rock Safeguard vs Beal Birdie

    Received email last night from Mad Rock, They have Safeguards back in Stock
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    Safeguards back in stock

    Got an email last night from Mad Rock. They have Safeguards back in stock.
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    Mad Rock Safeguard vs Beal Birdie

    Yes, I am seeing that now. guess i should have looked harder. I hate asking questions that have been asked over and over.
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    Mad Rock Safeguard vs Beal Birdie

    With the Safeguard being unavailable currently, I am looking into alternate options for one stick and rappel. The Beal Birdie seems similar but I haven't seen much about it. Anyone with experience with both or either want to spread some knowledge?
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    Mathews V3

    Honest opinion, go shoot it and several others as well as your bow. The V3 and last year's VXR come with two different axle to axle offerings. V3 comes in 27 and 31 inch ATA and the VXR comes in 28 and 31.5 inch ATA. I went with the V3 in 27 because I hunt from a ground blind frequently and like...
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    What type of rope?

    I was honestly thinking of going to a 10mm rope just because of the safeguards rating. I see a lot of folks going 8mm but I’m not a minimalist when it comes to weight carried and a larger diameter isn’t going to make much difference I think weight wise.
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    Newbie questions

    Thanks for the info. I had seen those. Just trying to decide if I’m wanting to spend that much money. Lol.
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    What type of rope?

    Thanks for your help. You answered a couple of my questions and gave me some more insight.
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    What type of rope?

    Brand new to the game. So far I have a Mantis XL and some other items one that way. I am planning on one-sticking and rappelling. I've been reading a lot on here and watching youtube gathering info as I go. My question is what rope do I need for climb/rappel? I guess more specifically type (dry...