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  1. arm breaker

    I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with my madrock lifeguard belay.

    That’s definitely true, it’s just not super easy when it’s jammed up like that under load. It’s a combo of that device, that larger and particular kind of rope, and perhaps climber weight that was causing my issues that day. I’ve come to simply not like the safeguard for multiple reasons so I am...
  2. arm breaker

    I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with my madrock lifeguard belay.

    I know you weren’t directing this to me but I did not. I do have a Petzl Rig, however, and it has no issue with 10.5 platinum. It is a larger device and more expensive. But, it’s made for stationary rope work with a much more robust load and offers way more control. What I was finding with the...
  3. arm breaker

    Big trees

    This has always been my issue as I am a bigger guy and think a bigger tree would be better for concealment. I guess if the limbs are large and enough and what not it matters less, but I personally have a hard time getting too excited about hunting without any platform at all.
  4. arm breaker

    Not so sold on these beast sticks

    Not my picture but this is how it’s done.
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  6. arm breaker

    Backing up your repell device ?

    About an hour before dark I typically just tape my hands with some boxing tape and let er rip. Of course my toeless boots allow for some braking if the rope is slick from rain or ice. If I’m just doing plain repel, I’ll typically light a citronella candle or strike a match if I fart in my old...
  7. arm breaker

    Trophyline Mission for Sale

    You got it
  8. arm breaker

    Trophyline Mission for Sale

    I have a Mission for sale. It’s in good shape but the silencing tape I put on is not looking too good.it has the original strap with a tape silenced buckle. 140+3% G&S TYD
  9. arm breaker

    One Sticking Safety

    I worry about the proliferation of videos like this one. The guy certainly means well and mentions things related to safety, yet he seems to be unaware of side or cross loading a carabiner and what would happen if he was well over his attachment point and then fell with a static rope and a...
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    Please close
  11. arm breaker

    EWO Ultimate One Stick for Sale—SOLD Please close

    I have a mostly tried and never hunted ultimate one stick for sale. It is a 15” camo edition with the scout on top. I have wrapped the edge of the scout in paracord. It has a three step sewn aider with fairly close steps so this is a good option for anyone like me who isn’t an outright monkey...
  12. arm breaker

    Sold, please close

    I don’t have them anymore, sorry. I’ll update the OP.
  13. arm breaker

    TX5 Lonestar (L Pleated)

  14. arm breaker

    TX5 Lonestar (L Pleated)

    I am posting this for a buddy. He’s hunted out of it 3 times and bought it in September. It’s a size large in green with multicam highlights. He is willing to split shipping. $280 + half of shipping I can answer any questions.