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  1. bigasports

    2019 Deer Contest Submission Thread

    Team #7 8pt Buck Tethrd Elite Instagram (bigasports)
  2. bigasports

    Team 7 2019 thread

    Okay boys here is my first submission of the season. Hunting time has been sporadic and slow for the most part. I shot this 8 on Thanksgiving morning. Just to make sure I'm scoring correctly....5 points for the bucks plus 8 score able points = 13 Tethrd Elite Instagram (bigasports)
  3. bigasports

    Cold weather in a mesh saddle

    What part of TN are you in? I’m in middle. Your more than welcome to try my Mantis if ya like. Tethrd Elite Instagram (bigasports)
  4. bigasports


    Cooler temps are here boys. Nice layering system vest!! Will listen to any trades.
  5. bigasports


    Yes a spare, but its not the Hardcore Max I'm using now.
  6. bigasports


    Looking for a back-up release to match what I'm currently using. Black or Camo, color doesn't matter. Must be the MAX version. I have lots of goodies to trade or can pay cash. Figured I'd check here before I purchased elsewhere. Thanks!!!
  7. bigasports

    Modifying Leverage sticks to mini sticks.

    Just got a hold of the 32' Leverage sticks also. Mods coming soon!!!
  8. bigasports

    Hawk Helium 1 inch DIY Buttons - please close

    I’ll take a set of 3. Tethrd Elite Instagram (bigasports)
  9. bigasports

    Why saddle hunting will never thrive

    You came to a well loved forum about saddle hunting and took a dig at how it wouldn’t last. Did you really think guys wouldn’t have a opinion that didn’t agree with your negative opinion? What did you expect your negativity to bring from a bunch of saddle hunting freaks? Seriously?? Sure you...
  10. bigasports

    WTT Heliums for WE Steps

    I have seven steps available for trade if your interested. Tethrd Elite Instagram (bigasports)
  11. bigasports

    Team 7 2019 thread

    Gentlemen!!!! I'm located just south of Nashville,TN. I went up to KY and hunted public with @flinginairos this past weekend for my first hunt of the season. Nothing to show for the contest other than dirty clothes and empty cans. As was mentioned TN doesn't open for another week. As of now my...
  12. bigasports

    The mantis tree saddle sizing

    I’m 6”5 and a lean 34 waist. I hunt out of a Large and it works great for me early season as well as layered up late season. If your on the fence I’d go Large over Med. Good luck and happy hunting!! Tethrd Elite Instagram (bigasports)
  13. bigasports

    2019/2020 Deer Contest Entry

    I'm in
  14. bigasports


    I’ve had a few ask about trades. I’m open to all options. Specifically I would like a set of Hawk Helium’s. I will add money to off set the difference. Tethrd Elite Instagram (bigasports)
  15. bigasports

    The mantis tree saddle sizing

    The wait isn’t as bad now. Tethrd has been busy and the turn around for pretty much everything has been cut in half in the last few weeks. In today’s world we are spoiled by buy now and receive now but I promise ya, it’s worth waiting for. Give me a shout if you have any questions once you get...