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Recent content by Blacksmith

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    2021 "Huck it, I'mma Sit on My Bucket" Contest

    I,m in for the bucket hunter .com hunter of the year. First prize could be a bucket pad for the sissy who can't sit on a hard bucket in crocs. I've already shot one this week on a nuisance permit but I don't have the Mom and Pop Store receipt. Guess I'll have to shoot another one. Nutterbuster...
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    Calling All Crocophiles

    I dont know how you could hunt in them... mine are crunchy noisy on the ground. And I hate those little sticks in between your toes.
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    Individual broadhead hoods

    I like the Asbell shoulder quiver. Lots of adjustment for hanging down loosely or tight up under the arm pit.
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    I have a bone to pick with some of you...

    I also set mine in a (3 sets of two for a wider step area.) Wrap them w/vet wrap to avoid that wind chime effect. Sooo much easier to carry in a shoulder bag than dragging a tv tower strapped to your pack... but it's good we dont all like the same thing or we couldn,t buy it.
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    Bored Vrs Discomfort

    Yep. I.ve always wondered about folks that say they sit dark to dark...I dont get bored, just have way too much to do elsewhere.
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    Bow Tip Covers

    I use that one from three rivers. Take them off periodically to dry.
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    Truck Camper Help

    I put a sheet of 3/4 plywood across the front of the bed laying on the side rails. Makes for great storage and room for bedding under neath.
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    bear prevention

    Good idea but I shot a 13 yr old boar after he ran up to the bottom of my stand and went back down. No time to think about lighting firecrackers. I was too busy shaking. He got a Snuffer in the lungs for that stunt..
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    Vet wrap termination?

    I use TSC's also w/great results. Don't stretch it really tight at the last wrap and just smooth it down.
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    I drove 9 hrs for a used F-12. It was worth it. Selling the stand up bar, trolling motor tiller extension and set of scupper hole dollies.
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    NuCanoe Accessories For Sale..

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    NuCanoe Accessories For Sale..

    Selling some accessories from my F-12 that I don't use. #7110 Motor U-Joint Tiller Extension, 32" to 54" to control motor from rear or middle seat. Push Button Telescoping,$50. Stand Up Casting Bar, slides in track channel, $150. Two Wheel Cart Fits into Scupper Holes, $100. Rod Holder on...
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    Boat advice

    Just bought an F 12 W/wheel kit that fits in scupper holes. Not too bad. Motor stays in place.
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    Ticks, Ticks Ticks….they are everywhere.

    I saw someone using a lint roller on their clothes to detect, pick up the little critters since some are tough to see. It seemed to really work well.
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    NuCanoe, Found One Thank You...

    Thanks. Just bought one. Have to drive 4 hrs but hope everyone's right about how great they are.