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Recent content by Boomah21

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    Wts mantis with battle belt

    Bump $140
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    Terhered predator post

    The ol gen 1 bite the dust?
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    Wts mantis with battle belt

    Just got a jx3 so... Looking to sell my size large mantis Comes with battle belt Does not come with the ball shock cords in the pic $150 shipped pp gift or add fees
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    Latitude Outdoors Method Saddle

    Any feed back from bigger guys with this? I haven’t purchased it yet bc it only comes in the one size. And all I have seen vids of are guys they are like a buck fifty to a buck seventy five in it. Anyone 6 foot 240ish using one yet?
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    One Sticking with Shikar Mini

    mine is just girth hitched
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    Food saver v4880

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    Buck vs Bull

    Haha that buck has some balls on him
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    Food saver v4880

    Anyone interested in a food saver v4880 Works awesome a few scratches from storage see pics Seal is perfect $85 shipped pp gift or add fees
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    One Sticking with Shikar Mini

    Not 100% sure but can check
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    One Sticking with Shikar Mini

    Yes there is you could. Keeping it where it is on mine keeps it away from the tree and is easier in my opinion to get into it especially in the dark
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    Grizzlystik.com samurai factory seconds

    Picked up 12 of these just came in and they look pretty awesome
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    Got my target buck!!

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    Layering paint and stencils

    Mine are still going strong!
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    Looking for discount code to D.i.c.k.s sporting goods

    You should try and find the blind somewhere that supports what we enjoy. lots of reasons not to buy from them IMO. dont have a code but happy to try and help u find it cheaper else where if you share what your after
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    Latitude Method giveaway!

    Thanks for the chance!