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Recent content by drew13

  1. drew13

    Things you tried, wish it worked for you, but didn't?

    Ha!!! I sold you my ANGLED scout so I could get a FLAT one! I just like the foot/ankle position better on the flat scout. Hope you're enjoying yours!
  2. drew13

    'Fess Up, Who Hunts out of a Prius?

    Just looked it all up and I overstated a bit: 1750 lbs towing capacity 8.1” of ground clearance 38/41 mpg (I usually get about 39.5) Mine is a 2019 but the new ones have the same specs. I do not have a plug-in hybrid (prime model).
  3. drew13

    'Fess Up, Who Hunts out of a Prius?

    2000 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. drew13

    'Fess Up, Who Hunts out of a Prius?

    I’ve not experienced that at all and have well exceeded the speed limit a time or two.
  5. drew13

    'Fess Up, Who Hunts out of a Prius?

    X2 on RAV4 Hybrid. 40 mpg, awd and clearance is almost the same as the Nissan Frontier I had before it.
  6. drew13

    Things you tried, wish it worked for you, but didn't?

    Did you guys try putting a couple of ROS steps on the scout strap? Made a big difference for me.
  7. drew13

    For anyone that doesn’t like to climb with a platform or tree stand on your back

    I like this thought but I can see you’re using a Doyle’s hoist (I do too) and I foresee a difficulty…. When you pull up your stand/platform and let go of the hoist rope to attach it, won’t your bow lower back down to the ground?
  8. drew13

    Squirrel Steps With Cam Buckle

    Ameristeps used to come like that - flat hook that hooked onto a cam buckle. They worked, but there was also the danger of noise from metal on metal and they didn’t get super tight like other methods.
  9. drew13

    The Sladder… ABSOLUTE BEST Climbing method

    FYI, new close up video available: I am curious about this method but have questions about how best to go around branches with it.
  10. drew13

    Anyone know where I can get the tethrd Onestick or Skeletor's attachment tab?

    I made one by cutting a rectangle out of a piece of 4” pvc pipe. Dremel out the grooves, sand all the corners and attach to stick with a bolt through the center. Seems to work fine. Use this idea at your own risk.
  11. drew13

    The Sladder… ABSOLUTE BEST Climbing method

    I like this. Some good ideas here. Might have to give it a try!
  12. drew13


    Yup, hunted that way quite a bit. Make sure you have a good cam so that your strap is good and tight - putting your weight on the steps can start to wiggle the strap down the tree and work things loose.
  13. drew13

    Saddle For One Sticking

    I gotta disagree with this. I had a great one-panel saddle that was very uncomfortable for 1-sticking because it rode up so much when I hung from it to move my stick. I, personally, have found 2-panel saddles to be way more comfortable for 1-sticking. Can just sit on the bottom panel and not...
  14. drew13

    Question for Moderators

    And repelling and all the other spellings out there!…
  15. drew13

    "FASTENING" your ring of steps

    Ooops, yup you’re right! Edited my post to correct that.